Arley, Ribbesford and Stourport are the places to cast in. Find the deeper water, anything from 4ft to 5ft, look for the best flow just off the crease, and you will find some clonking roach at this time of the year. Feed a constant trickle of bronze maggots or whites just a few rod lengths out, with 2 pints ample for a session, but be prepared for a bit of furious back-winding on light gear, as the odd chub or barbel is likely to muscle in at some stage of the proceedings. Maver Larford controls 1½ miles of prime river that is permanently pegged and stepped, and with day tickets at just £3 for seniors and £2.50 for concessions, it’s got to be worth a day on flowing water. Above the weir, on the top section, holds some decent bream, while the Chalet Meadow and The Hampstall PH area offers great roach and big stripey action, with greedy chub and barbel tuning into big chunks of luncheon meat. Simply open a small tin, cut in half, and hair-rig whichever lump takes your fancy!