ADAM (Garbolino Map Starlets) from Daventry won his first ever festival against 180 other anglers competing in the PRESTON INNOVATIONS Autumn Festival.

Adam, a tackle shop manager, walked away with £2000 in cash and a Preston CM80 pole worth £1000.

This is his third year at White Acres and he thanked White Acres regalar Richie Hull for his help in contributing to him winning the festival.
Adam had a consistent week, scoring maximum points in three sections, giving him an overall result of 35 points.

Rob Brennan was a close second with the same points, so the result was decided via the dropped result, which meant Adam Rooney comfortably won by 42 points to Rob’s 37 over five days.
The festival started slow for Adam, he drew peg 49 Bolingey and finished the day third in his section with 17lb 1oz. He fished worm short on pole. Steve Ringer had a good start on day 1, winning Bolingey Lake with 138-4-0.
Steve fished peg 20 with groundbait feeder, hair rigging meat on the hook to catch carp to double figures.

Overall lake winner on Gwinear was Tommy Pickering, who weighed in 122-4-0 from peg 13. He fished with chopped worm at six meters, catching all carp to 10lb.

Other lake winners were Gary Thorpe from peg17 on Pollawyn and Sean Hill on peg 14 on Manaccan.
Things were hotting up on day 2 with Terry Winter and Sean Hill on maximum points.

Adam at this point was not in the overall top 10, but went on to win his section on Pollawyn with 29-13-0 from peg 45 fishing long pole meat.

Glen Burden won Pollawyn with 155-3-0 from peg 26, fishing shallow on meat. Lee Godley won his lake from peg 24 on Bolingey with an impressive 81-12-0. Gwinear was fishing well with the winner Craig Williams weighing 106-10-0 from peg 29 on the island. Terry Winter won his lake weighing
67-1-0 from peg 32 on Trelawney and Rob Brennan weighing 20-1-0 from peg 37 on Porth in the shallows.
On Day 3 Adam drew peg 21 on Trelawney but was beaten by Harry Billing, who went on to win the lake with 86-4-0 from peg 30.

Pollawyn was fishing well with five anglers weighing over 100lb with the best being Nigel Evans 132-3-0 from peg 17. Nigel caught all his fish shallow on the meat and long pole.

The best weight on Bolingey was Andy Lloyd with 111-8-0  from peg 17. Gwinear also produced six weights over 100lb, the best being Paul Filmore with 170-30-0 from peg 27. Most of his fish came from the margins. Porth champion was Darren Muliher with 17-6-0 from peg 86 on the far bank. The best weight to come of Trelawney was Harry Billing with 86-4-0 from peg 30.
Adam Drew peg 40 on Gwinear for day 4 and won his section with 74lb. He fished worm short on pole.

With the fish moving into tighter shoals the overall lake winner was Tom Miller, weighing 179-9-0 from peg 30 on the island.

Top weight on Pollawyn was Mick Wilkinson with a great weight of 147-5-0 from peg 30. Overall winner on Trelawney was Geoff Banks from peg 32 with 61-10-0.

Porth was throwing up some consistent weights and best on the day was Tony Wild from peg 76 with 21-8-0 of quality skimmers.

The top three weights on Bolingey were all over 100lb the overall champion was Phil Henry from peg 23 with 11-7-0 from the island.
On Day 5 there was still all to play for with any of the top 10 having a chance to win the festival.

Adam drew peg 20 on Porth and he won his section comfortably with 17lb, the winning method being caster on the pole at 11metres for roach.

The lake winner on Porth was Steve Ringer with 25–0 from peg 83. Nigel Smith won Bolingey with 95-1-0 from peg 18, Steve Renshaw won Trelawney with 88lb 4oz, Chris Davies won Gwinear with 179-10-0 from peg 28.

Clint Elliott commented: “We must thank PRESTON INNOVATIONS for supporting this festival with over £4000 being donated in prizes.

“The atmosphere this week has been fantastic and all the anglers have booked to come back next year. I must also congratulate Adam Rooney on winning the festival and it is good to see the younger anglers competing against the old and winning!”

Rob Brennan takes a close second
Rob Brennan (Starlets) was second overall with 35 points with a dropped result of two points with a weight of 247-1-0 won £1000 and a PRESTON tackle box.

Third overall was Andy Lloyd (P.A. Megabait) with 34 points with a dropped result of 8 points and a weight of 334lb 5oz and walked away with £800 and a PRESTON tackle box.

Biggest Overall Weight
Richard Lawson (Team Colmic) won £100 for having the biggest weight of the festival and setting the new match record with 242lb 3oz from peg 28 on Pollawyn. £100 also goes to John Rhodes for the winning the mystery weight with 75lb 12oz. Finally Paul Yates wins £50 for catching the biggest fish of the festival which was 18lb from Bolingey.

Overall Top 10

1st Adam Rooney (Garb. Map Starlets) 35 points drop 7
2nd Rob Brennan (Starlets) 35 points drop 2
3rd Andy Lloyd (P.A. Megabait) 34 points drop 8
4th Harry Billing (Drennan Northwest) 34 points drop 7
5th Richard Lawson (Team Colmic) 34 points drop 6
6th Adam Wakelin (Dynamite Baits) 34 points drop 5
7th Steve Ringer (Shimano V.D.E.) 34 points drop 2
8th Tom Miller (P.A. Megabait) 33 points drop 6
9th Mark Harper (Thatchers) 33 points drop 5
10th Richard Morley (Ossett) 33 points drop 4

Daily Results

Day 1

Pollawyn Gary Thorpes (Ton Up Baits) 75lb 8oz, Trelawney/Manaccan/Lamorna
Sean Hill (Browning Cudmore) 73lb 3oz, Gwinear Tommy Pickering (Preston
Innovations) 122lb 4oz, Porth Mark Harper (Thatchers) 15lb, Bolingey Steve
Ringer (Shimano V.D.E.) 138lb 4oz.

Day 2

Pollawyn Glen Burden  (Woodbridge) 155lb 3oz, Trelawney/Manaccan/Lamorna
Terry Winter (Team Mosella) 67lb 1oz, Gwinear Craig Williams (Team Mosella)
106lb 10oz, Porth Rob Brennan (Starlets) 20lb 1oz, Bolingey Lee Godley
(Worksop) 81lb 12oz.

Day 3

Pollawyn Nigel Evans  (Thatchers) 132lb 3oz, Trelawney/Manaccan/Lamorna
Harry Billing (Drennan Northwest) 86lb 4oz, Gwinear Paul Filmore (Welsh
Wizards) 170lb 3oz, Porth Darren Muliher 17lb 6oz, Bolingey Andy Lloyd
(P.A. Megabait) 111lb 8oz.

Day 4

Pollawyn Mick Wilkinson (Sensas) 147lb 5oz, Trelawney/Manaccan/Lamorna Geoff
Banks (Top Lock) 61lb 10oz, Gwinear Tom Miller (P.A. Megabait) 179lb 9oz,
Porth Tony Wild (Simmons 2000) 21lb 8oz, Bolingey Phil Henry  (Fisherman’s
Tackle) 118lb 7oz.

Day 5

Pollawyn Richard Lawson (Team Colmic) 242lb 3oz, Trelawney/Manaccan/Lamorna
Steve Renshaw (Derby A.C.) 88lb 4oz, Gwinear Chris Davies (Frampton RBL)
179lb 10oz, Porth Steve Ringer (Shimano V.D.E.) 25lb, Bolingey Nigel Smith
(Fishermans Tackle) 95lb 1oz.