108lbs 8ozs gets Rob through the penultimate qualifier

The 130 anglers in this penultimate qualifying round faced blistering hot windless conditions for the whole of the match, consequently weights were generally lower than expected.

Rob Wootton found these conditions suited him at peg 25 on Island pool where he meat and pellet shallow on the pole to take the winning weight 108lbs 8ozs. Angling Consultant Rob used 1 tin of meat and 1 pint of pellets to take his net of carp,  the largest weighing approx 8lbs. Doncaster sales rep Andrew Bailey drew peg 5 on Meadow Lake where he fished pellets shallow to net carp to 4lbs in his runners up bag of 94lbs 15ozs 8drms.

The next 4 places all fell to anglers pegged on Bank pool;

3rd place fell to Manchester Builder Karl Webster fishing for Trafford Angling Supplies, Karl took carp to 8lbs on pole fished pellets shallow for 85lbs 9ozs from Peg 24

4th Richard Hoskins Ross on Wye 66lbs 6ozs carp from peg 17

5th Josh Pace 66lbs 5ozs peg 21

6th Les Thompson 64 lbs 13ozs peg 22.

The Final qualifier takes place on Wednesday 1st July and the winner will complete the line up for the Final which is televised live on Sky Sports on Saturday 18th July. 

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