Day Five and final day



Day five winner was Martin Holmes with 75lb 11oz from peg 17, martin spent most of his day fishing the bomb and meat. 2nd was Gavin Leversidge from peg 25 with 62lb, Gavin caught swapped between the long and short pole with meat and 3rd on the day was Ryan Lidguard from peg 19 weighing 47lb.

Section winners

A ​ section    Andy Batstone            peg 9                   9 points​        19lb 02oz

​B section     Martin Holmes            peg 17                 9 points​        75lb 11oz

​C section.    Gavin leversidge       Peg 25                9 points        62lb

D section.    Andy power                Peg 55                9 points        37lb 07oz



Jennys, Trewaters 


First on day one was Adam Palmer from peg 43 Trewaters, Adam fished the short pole with meat to weigh in with 116lb 14oz, 2nd on the day was Chris Shepherd from peg 47 Trewaters with 94lb 13oz catching on long pole with pellets and 3rd was Dale Shepherd from peg 37 Trewaters with 82lb 07oz also catching on the long pole with pellets.


Section Winners

A section       Mark Cullerton                   peg 2 Jennys     ​          9 points​        45lb 02oz

B section       Robbie Harbour​       peg 15 Jennys             9 points​        49lb 07oz

C section.      Gary Thomas ​          peg 29 Trewaters        9 points​        72lb 02oz

D section.      Adam Palmer           peg 43 Trewaters        9 points​      116lb 14oz


Twin oaks, Trelawney

First overall Kevin Wadge with 131lb 06oz from peg 20 Twin Oaks, Kevin caught all his fish on the worm in the margins. 2nd was Joe France with 109lb 14oz from peg 16 Twin Oaks, Joe caught in the margins pellets and 3rd Chris Barley from peg 24 Twin oaks with 103lb 04oz fishing the worm and meat on the pole.


Section Winners

A section.      Joe France               peg 16 Twin Oaks        9 points​     109lb 14oz

B section.      Kevin Wadge           ​peg 20 Twin Oaks ​      9 points​      131lb 06oz

C section.      Leon Hardwick         ​          peg 2 Trelawney          9 points​        82lb 15oz

D section.      Tony Buttler              peg 32 Trelawney                 9 points        96lb 14oz



First on the day Sandra Scotthorne from peg 19 with 17lb 06oz Sandra caught on the short pole with maggots over GB. 2nd on the day was Sam Powell from peg 89 with 17lb 04oz, Sam also fished the long pole with maggots and 3rd was Alan Scotthorne form peg 32 with 14lb 14oz catching on the groundbait feeder with dead maggots.


Section Winners

​A section         Sandra Scotthorne          peg 17                 9 points        17lb 06oz

B section         Alan Scotthorne               peg 32               9 points​        14lb 14oz

C section        Steve Clark                       peg 72                 9 points        11lb 08oz

D section         Sam Powell                      peg 89                9 points        17lb 04oz



First on the day was Chris Rust from peg 10 with 234lb 06oz, Chris fished the long pole with pellets shallow. 2nd on the day was Harry Billing from peg 38 with 232lb 11oz, Harry fished the margins with worms and 3rd was Richie Hull form peg 25 with 193b 11oz, Richie fished feeder!


Section Winners

​A section         Steve Hutter           peg 6                                       9 points      171lb 02oz

B section         Richie Hull              peg 25                         9 points​      193lb 11oz

C section        Chris Rust              peg 10                         9 points      234lb 06oz

D section         Harry Billing            peg 38                         9 points      232lb 11oz




Top Twenty


Name​​                                               Points​​       Dropping             Weight

1st​      Robbie Harbour                     36               4 Points               442lb 12oz

2nd     Andy Power                           35               8 Points               430lb 07oz      

3rd​     Steve Hutter                           35               8 Points               387lb 02oz

4th​     Jonathan Jowett                    35               7 Points               265lb 06oz

5th​​​​​​​     Ryan Lidguard                       34               8 points               331lb 01oz

6th​​​​​​​     Lee Riley                                34               7 points               382lb 14oz

7th​​​​​​​     Gary Thomas                        34               5 Points               350lb 02oz

8th​​​​​​​     Luke Sears                                      34               4 Points               402lb

9th​​​​​​​     Alan Scotthorne                    34               4 Points               341lb 12oz

10th​​​​​​   Matthew Marshall                  34               4 Points               211lb 08oz

11th​​​​​​​   Jamie Read                           33               6 Points               321lb 01oz

12th​​​​​​   Jonathan Arthur                    33               6 Points               313lb 04oz

13th​​​​​​   Andy Bennett                        33               5 Points               470lb 14oz

14th​​​​​​   Martin Holmes                        33               5 Points               425lb 10oz

15th​​​​​​   Sam Powell                            33               5 Points               254lb 13oz

16th​​​​​​   Gavin Leversidge                  33               3 Points               323lb 11oz

17th​​​​​​​   Steve Clark                            33               3 Points               212lb 06oz

18th​​​​​​   Rob Brennan                          32               6 Points               287lb 04oz

19th​​​​​​   Harry Billing                           32               5 Points               358lb 08oz

20th​​​​​​   Phil Canning                           32               5 Points               337lb 08oz