Sunday 4th March 2012

1st Dave Armstrong (Jet Breakers) & Bob Taylor (Jet Breakers) 11pts (8lb 12½oz)
2nd Rich Wills (Daventry AC) & Simon Potter (Daventry AC) 11pts (8lb 1½oz)
3rd Roger Atkins (Dog Lane) & Clive Griffin (Dog Lane) 13pts (6lb 1½oz)


A1 Martin Paynter Peg 14 15lb 4oz Orfe & Roach
A2 Carl Baker Peg 15 7lb 4½oz Perch & Orfe

B1 Tom Clish Peg 35 5lb 11oz Orfe & Perch
B2 Bob Taylor Peg 30 5lb 8¼oz Skimmers &Roach

The weather just hasn’t been kind to this league as this week the wind blew cold and the rain just wouldn’t give in but that didn’t stop 36 anglers fishing round three of the Bag’em Matchbaits Silver League for Pairs at Dog Lane Fishery .

The winning pair this week were Dave Armstrong peg2 with 3lb 4¼oz & Bob Taylor peg30 with 5lb 8¼oz. Their combination 11 points and weight of 8lb 12½oz put them ahead of second placed pairs Rich Wills peg17 3lb 8¼oz and Simon Potter peg33 4lb 9¼oz who also managed a combined 11points but only had 8lb 1½oz .

The pair that took third place was Roger Atkins peg6 4lb 7oz and Clive Griffin peg31 1lb 11½oz and a combined 13 points.

The best single weight of the day was Martin Paynter (Daventry AC) peg 14 with 15lb 4oz of big orfe caught on worm and maggot. Unfortunately his pairs partner could not make the grade and he only picked up a section payout.

The Best Perch prize went to Dave ‘no mates’ West who’s pairs partner failed to show up, but luckily for him a nice Billie Perch of 2lb 11oz did and he went home £102 better off.

Top Eight Weights were:
1. Martin Paynter (Daventry AC) 15lb 4oz
2. Carl Baker (Stourbridge) 7lb 14½oz
3. Barry Carr (Daventry AC) 7lb 6oz
4. Tommy Clish (Rugby Tackle) 5lb 11oz
5. Bob Taylor (Jet Breakers) 5lb 8¼oz
6. Graham Cheney (Daventry AC) 5lb 3oz
7. Simon Potter (Daventry AC) 4lb 9¼oz
8. Tony Ward (Daventry AC) 4lb 5¼oz

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