In September, Quantum Radical team angler Patrick Haas headed off to France. In his luggage were test samples of the new Rubby Dubby boilie. And they were an instant success.

Now back home, Patrick gives his report: “I had just come back from another trip to France and was reviewing and reflecting on those experiences. As so often happens, I then started to feel restless. That was a sign I could set off once again in search of the big carps.
I started to ruminate: ‘How can you schedule it in? What tactics do you need to use? And which water should you go to?
The cost could not be too great this time because I had already spent more than enough this year but I wanted to experience something new. In principle, these two criteria are in conflict, but I had an idea. I saw a reservoir two years ago that now appeared to be an ideal destination.
The time of year and assumed water temperature also seemed exactly right to me. So with everything quickly settled and not 24 hours since my last trip, I once again drove my car across the German border.
Once there, I loaded up my trolley with a rod holdall and umbrella, a small dinghy, sleeping bag, bedchair, some food and a couple of kilos of test samples of Rubby Dubby boilies and pulled it to the water’s edge. Soon, everything was set up and I prepared myself for the marathon waits typically associated with this type of water. Against all carp fishing rules for this time of year, I positioned one rig in just 60 cm of water and scattered ten boilies around the hookbait.
This is actually a spring tactic but I did it then simply because my instinct told me to do so. Besides good baits, confidence in your own angling ability is the most important element for successful fishing. Just a few hours later, I found myself in my Mission Craft Floh 180, battling through a rainy night and against a now fierce onshore wind to quickly get on top of a hooked fish and land it safely.
After a few runs, a large mirror carp slid into the mesh of my landing net. Having drifted some way from my starting point, I decided to get a closer look at it once I was back ashore. But I could not help myself from cheering in celebration.
The scales showed 25.7 kilograms precisely and a further cheer rang out across the water. My hunch of laying out the rig in the very shallow inlet with just a few, highly attractive boilies, proved to be the right decision. It is already clear to me that our Quantum Radical boilie range will continue to go from strength to strength.
With the Rubby Dubby and Yellow Zombie, what could go wrong in 2013? “Push it to the limit”