The Salmon & Trout Association was established in 1903 to represent the interests of game fisheries throughout the British Isles and celebrates its 100th anniversary this year. The calendar of events to mark this auspicious occasion includes a special Centenary Conference on “Game Fisheries Management in the British Isles 1903-2003: Past, Present & Future’ at the University of Greenwich in London on the 9th  & 10th September 2003.

The Conference will look back at a range of strategic problems and issues affecting our game fisheries over the last century to examine the lessons learned and then investigate how they could be applied pro-actively to the better management of our salmon, sea trout brown, trout and grayling fisheries in the future.

The proceedings are structured around the four central themes of Fishery Gains & Losses, Problems Old & New, Advances in Fisheries Science & Practice and Changing Attitudes & Perspectives. 
The provisional programme includes presentations by 24 invited speakers from
Scotland, Ireland, England and Wales
who are all recognised authorities on their respective subjects.
The individual topics to be considered range from perennial problems such as ‘drift netting’, ‘predators & predation’ and ‘water quality’, through more recent concerns such as  ‘the decline of the Wye, ‘the impact of caged fish farms’, ‘climate change’ and ‘fishery genetics’, to new considerations such as ‘habitat improvement work’, ‘the social and economic importance of game fisheries’ and ‘the formation of fisheries trusts’.

A special conference reception and dinner will be held on the evening of 9th September. The formal conference proceedings will be published in a suitable format and should become an important historical base-line reference for fishery owners, managers, scientists and anglers in future years.

Attendance will be limited to a maximum of 200 delegates. Further details, including a provisional programme and booking form, may be obtained from Louise Byrne, Salmon & Trout Association, Fishmongers’ Hall, London Bridge, London EC4R 9EL. [Telephone 0207 2835838, Fax 0207 6265137 or by e-mail to]