On the 8th January 2007 Mr Joseph Perks, an angler from Worthing, West Sussex was fined  and made to contribute towards prosecution costs for retaining undersize sea bass after pleading guilty to the offence at Worthing Magistrates Court.


Officers with the Sussex Sea Fisheries District Committee boarded Mr Perks vessel in July 2006 and upon inspection found Mr Perks in possession of 54 bass, 17 of which were under the minimum legal size of 36cm.


Commentating on the case Senior Fishery Officer Mr Robert Clark said ‘Bass are both recreationally and commercially important off the Sussex coast. We are pleased that the court has recognised the seriousness of this incident.


We hope the fine imposed on this occasion will act as a deterrent to others. Minimum Legal Sizes underpin fisheries management techniques and Sea Fisheries Committee enforcement teams will inspect both anglers and commercially registered vessels ton ensure compliance.


Fishers should also be aware that the Government intends to increase the minimum legal size for bass to 40cm in the near future and that it is essential that all fishers familiarise themselves with the law in this regard’.