SEA anglers have a new chairman. Ted Tuckerman was elected to the top job at the National Federation of Sea Anglers (NFSA) by its standing committee after the annual meeting on May 10th. He replaces Michael North JP who has retired.
Mr. Tuckerman arrives to lead the federation as it is strengthening its efforts to influence local and national opinion to ensure anglers will continue to be able to fish.
He said: “We are campaigning for anglers on two fronts. First, to ensure coastal communities understand the substantial contribution sea anglers make to their local economies through the money they spend in local shops and hotels and with garages and boat owners.
“Secondly, to preserve and regenerate fish stocks so that angling is sustained and local economies will continue to benefit from it.
“The federation is for all sea anglers. Whether they are in clubs, friends who fish together or those who cast on their own from the shore, if they live near the coast or travel half a day to reach their favourite fishing spots.”
Mr. Tuckerman has first hand knowledge of the role of angling in local economies because he ran a tackle shop in Torquay for 30 years.
“Anglers who live near the sea must ensure local councillors and council officials are fully aware to the fact that fishing is a substantial part of their tourist industry,” he said. 
“Local councils can attract anglers by providing facilities for them on quaysides and beaches. We also want them to join with their county councils to pressure the British and European governments to protect fish stocks before our coastal waters are fished out.”
Mr. Tuckerman began fishing as a junior member of Lymington and District Angling Club, then joined the
Torbay and Babbacombe Association of Sea Anglers where he was chairman for many years.
He has presented television programmes on sea angling, written for angling magazines and won prizes in national and international championships.