Warwickshire Avon – Evesham Town Waters and Hampton Ferry
64 pegs

Chub and bleak winner for Rob      

Shakespeare star Rob Middleton followed up on his previous week’s second place in the Wychavon Championship by going one place better in this match and winning with 9-0-0 of chub and bleak.
With the river carrying a lot of colour Rob switched between feeder and whip tactics throughout the match to keep the fish coming and he needed every last ounce as runner up John Rafferty was only two ounces behind at fancied Peg 1. John also switched tactics throughout the match to take a 5lb bream plus eels and perch for an 8-14-0 total.
Third place went to Tom Pargetter with 8-13-0 of roach and chub from Peg 35. Fourth was England Veteran team man Don Slaymaker with 7-9-0 of skimmers from Peg 6 and fifth was Jim Smith with a 6-5-0 barbel from Peg 21.      

1. Rob Middleton (Shakespeare) 9-0-0 (peg 7)
2. John Rafferty (Baileys Of Warwick) 8-14-0 (peg 1)
3. Tom Pargetter (MAP) 8-13-0 (peg 35)
4. Don Slaymaker (Peg One) 7-9-0 (peg 6)
5. Jim Smith (Bait Box) 6-5-0 (peg 21)

Qualifiers: Don Slaymaker, John Rafferty and Tom Pargetter

Next qualifier – Saturday August 15th  – bookings through Diana Raphael on 01386 442458 

Abu Garcia Wychavon Championship Qualifier
Saturday August 8th
Warwickshire Avon – Evesham Town Waters and Hampton Ferry
42 pegs

Easy win for Tony as bream show again

The latest Abu Garcia Wychavon Championship qualifier was fished on a river that was coloured and carrying about 10 inches of extra coloured water and just like last week in similar conditions, it was quality bream that made up the leading weights.
Top spot went to Shakespeare team man Tony Bench who went all out for big fish at Peg 67 in the deep water towards the bottom end of the match length. Switching between feeder and pole approaches Tony landed several big bream and a couple of eels for a 21-12-0 total which put him 8lb clear of runner up Leigh Gardner.
Leigh’s 13-11-0 catch from Peg 14 on the Town Water was also made up of bream and eels, caught on pole and feeder.
Third spot went to Dave Kirk with 10-11-0 of bream and perch from Peg 1 and he was followed home by Steve Pierpoint with 7-6-0 of bleak from Peg 7 and Tim Kaye with 7-3-0 of roach and perch from Peg 34.           

1. Tony Bench (Shakespeare) 21-12-0 (Peg 67)
2. Leigh Gardener (Shakespeare) 13-11-0 (Peg 14)
3. Dave Kirk (Fox Match Oxford) 10-11-0 (Peg 1) 
4. Steve Pierpoint (WB Clarke) 7-6-0 (Peg 7)
5 Tim Kaye (Riverlution) 7-3-0 (Peg 34)

Qualifiers Dave Kirk and Andy Baines 

Next qualifier – Sunday August 16th – bookings through Diana Raphael 0n 01386 442458