Shakespeare Championship Qualifier
Saturday June 30th
Warwickshire Avon – Evesham Town Waters and Hampton Ferry
63 pegs

The second Shakespeare Championship qualifier took place on a river carrying around six inches of extra water plus a considerable amount of colour.
The top end of the Town water again produced the winning weight, this time at Peg 2 where Gloucester visitor Steve Partington booked himself a place in the big August final with 20-10-0 of bream and chub. All his fish fell to an open-end feeder packed with groundbait, chopped worms and casters and worm hookbait.
Second spot went to the 2005 Wychavon Champion Rob Middleton with a 15-0-0 bag of chub taken on a maggot feeder from Peg 36.
Another feeder and maggot caught chub bag of 12-0-0 gave Rob South third place at Peg 6 while the best weight from the downstream Hampton Ferry section fell to Adrian Narbeth with 9-1-0 of skimmers and eels at Peg 68 in the Café Meadow. Fifth place went to Dave Harpin with 7-4-0 of skimmers and eels from Peg 62,      
1. Steve Partington (Gloucester) 20-10-0 (peg 2)
2. Rob Middleton (Shakespeare) 15-0-0 (peg 36)
3. Rob South (Sensas Portway) 12-0-0 (peg 6)
4. Adrian Narbeth (W.B. Clarke) 9-1-0 (peg 68)
5. Dave Harpin (Sensas A4) 7-4-0 (peg 62)
Qualifiers: Steve Partington, Brian Bennett, Dave Harpin. 

Steve Partingdon                                          Richard Candy 

Shakespeare Championship Qualifier
Sunday July 1st
Warwickshire Avon – Evesham Town Waters and Hampton Ferry
62 pegs

Heavy overnight rain resulted in the river rising throughout the third Shakespeare Championship qualifier and by the end there was around 18 inches of extra coloured water with all the stages submerged.
One man who wasn’t moaning about the conditions though was Cardiff visitor Richard Candy.  On his first visit to the venue this season, Richard pulled out Peg 1 at the top end of the stretch and did the business with an excellent 32-0-0 of bream and one tench all taken on a groundbait feeder with chopped worm and casters with worm on the hook.
Next door at Peg 2, Colin Ellis from Wrexham pole-feedered his way to second position with a level 14-0-0 of bream.
Third place went to Hereford man Pete Pembridge who included a 6lb bream taken on lobworm in his 7-9-0 catch from Peg 40. Sean Reidy finished fourth with 7-8-0 of chub from Peg 36 and Brian Bennett completed the frame with 5-12-0 of eels from Peg 57.              
1. Richard Candy (Cardiff Nomads) 32-0-0 (Peg 1)
2. Colin Ellis (Hampton Ferry AC) 14-0-0 (Peg 2)
3. Pete Pembridge (Hereford) 7-9-0 (Peg 40)
4. Sean Reidy (W.B.Clarke) 7-8-0 (Peg 36)
5. Brian Bennett (Shakespeare) 5-12-0 (Peg 57)
Qualifiers: Richard Candy, Pete Pembridge, Mal Thomson.
(Pic attached – Richard Candy)
Next matches – Shakespeare Championship qualifier Sat July 7th and Wychavon Championship qualifier Sun July 8th. Bookings through Diana Raphael on 0138 442458.