Midlands tackle brand Shakespeare has gained a strong following with its Mach ranges of rods and reels over the last few years, and is building on the range with some new offerings. The Mach rods have become known for their high quality at a great price.

The Mach 1s sell for under £50 and the higher spec Mach 2s and 3s are over that price point, but all under £100. The rods are used by 2010 Fish O Mania champion Neil McKinnon and indeed he’s been heavily involved in the design of the new range.
The feeder rod he used in the £25,000 final is a Mach 1 rod that sells for under £40! Two to look out for from the new range are the Mach 1 XT 11ft Pellet Waggler and the Mach 2 XT pellet waggler/feeder combo that will sell for under £80.