A rookie shark angler has boated what’s thought to be the first thresher caught off Cornwall for 30 years.
Padstow angler Ron Moody was fishing out of Crackinton aboard Lee Wicks’ boat Emma Kate when the nine foot long, 103lb shark took his mackerel bait on 10/0 hooks intended for porbeagle. An hour long battle followed before the fish was brough to the boat. 
Ron’s fish is believed to be the biggest of the species ever taken off Cornwall, although Ron has been told he can’t claim the county record because he’s not a member of a fishing club (I’d check that if I were you Ron!).
The story follows hot on the heels of the capture of a 260lb thresher off the Isle of Wight a couple of weeks ago by Paul Wickham, and in the same week as Ray Lewis boated thresher of 85lb and 50lb, again off the Isle of Wight.
The British record of 323lb was caught of Portsmouth in 1982. The world record stands at 767lb and was caught off New Zealand.