Sean Mills from Kidderminster smashed the Shatterford record by landing a massive 70lb catfish on Masters Lake this weekend. 

The monster was landed at 6.15pm Saturday morning on Peg 5 using luncheon meat on a size 2 hook with 20lb line.  Needless to say, Sean was delighted with his achievement, having lost a decent cat earlier that session. 
Sean (39), who has been deaf since birth, caught his first cat at Shatterford just a few months ago and has been quite successful with them since then, landing several around the 40lb+ mark on both Erics and Masters Lake on various pegs.
This particular catch was witnessed by two other Shatterford regulars (Steve Cook on peg 2 and John Poole, peg 4) who were amazed at the size of the fish and the effort it took to land it..
Sean told us the big cat put up an exhausting 25 minute fight before reaching the bank, but it was in excellent condition at the weigh-in.  
Many anglers would prefer to avoid Masters & Erics when they’re busy, but Sean fishes here nearly every weekend, taking the conditions as they come. With nearly every peg being occupied at the time and torential rain hammering down throughout the night, conditions were far from favourable, but Sean has proved one theory right – it’s not where or when you fish – it’s how you fish! 
Sean’s back here again next weekend – this time on Erics, peg 11, where he’ll be happy with whatever he gets – especially if it’s a 60lb+ cat or 40lb+ carp.  We wish him luck!  As well as being a valued customer, Sean is an asset to any fishery; he loves his sport; he respects the fish, the environment and his fellow anglers.  Several have already said how pleased they are that it’s Sean who’s achieved this new record.  In their words:  “he truly deserves it” and we couldn’t agree more!
(Photo to follow a.s.a.p).
Because of Sean’s hearing disability he is happy for us to answer any further questions on his behalf if need be.  Alternatively, you can call Maggie (his mother) on 07810708878 on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. 
Maggie does most of his phone communications for him, but please bear in mind that Sean is at work all day Monday to Friday, so she might need to ask him and get back to you.  Hope this helps.