Holmedale Lake
Monday 9/4/12
21 fished
1st Daz Staley Mansfield Pisco’s peg 31, 124-9-0
2nd Danny Crewe Mansfield Pisco’s peg 4, 85-9-0
3rd Dean Annable Woodhouse Angling peg 39, 58-15-0
4th Carl Brown Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 19, 56-0-0
5th Pete Hodgetts Mansfield Angling peg 17, 48-12-0
6th Nigel Shipman Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 25, 43-7-0
Daz fished the pole and pellet at 14m on the deck down the side of the bore hole building landing carp – 8lb. Young Danny Crewe drew peg 4 and alternated between scoop pellet feeder and pellet on the hook and the pole and pellet fished at 13m landing a string of carp – 5lb.

Sherwood Lake
Tuesday 10/4/12
20 fished

Both Lee and Dave fished the pole with caster for nets of Ide and skimmers- 1lb but it was Lee the came out top by 2oz with a level 30lb to Dave’s 29lb 14oz

1st Lee Payling Peg One Angling Centre peg 52, 30-0-0
2nd Dave Round Mansfield Busman AC peg 41, 29-14-0
3rd Geoff Hiley Peg One Angling Centre peg 40, 28-1-0
4th Mick Burrell Gateford Angling Supplies peg 38, 24-4-0
5th John Holmes Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 49,21-10-0
6th Dean Gregory Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 61, 19-15-0

Wednesday 11/4/12
Holmedale lake
26 fished
An excellent match over half the field weighing in over 50lb and only one angler not weighing in.
Don Fished the pole and meat at 13m at peg 26 loose feeding ½ a dozen cubes every put in, he landed over 30 carp – 7lb finishing with 112lb 11oz. 2nd place went to Andy Lakey drawn at 51 he fished the pole with paste and pellet for 26 carp – 9lb also finishing ton plus with 104lb 2oz

1st Don Slaymaker Bait-tec peg 26, 112-11-0
2nd Andy Lakey Worksop Angling peg 51, 104-2-0
3rd Carl Brown Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 36, 95-1-0
4th Alan Warren Phil’s Bait & Tackle peg 19,92-14-0
5th Kristian Powers Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 32, 92-7-0
6th Mick Langton Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 55, 86-0-0

Holmedale Lake
Sunday 15/4/12
30 Fished
1st Stewart Grey Gateford Angling Supplies Notts, peg 36, 58-7-0
2nd Carl Brown Sherwood Forest Fishery Notts peg 32, 50-1-0
3rd Pete Ellis Sherwood Forest Fishery Notts peg 4, 47-3-0
4th Craig Brazier Sherwood Forest Fishery Notts peg 24, 43-15-0
5th Martyn Brown Eastwood Angling Notts peg 34, 41-4-0
6th Lee Holtham Subfish Tackle Notts peg 22, 39-15-0
A big white over frost then a cold easterly wind put the temperature down 2 degrees in the water making it a struggle for all the anglers. Coming out top was Worksop’s Stewart Grey drawn at peg 36 he alternated pellet hookbait on the pole fished at 11m and a small pellet feeder cast to the island for 10 carp – 8lb. 2nd placed Carl fished the pole and pellet having 18 carp – 5lb all in the middle two hours.

Sherwood lake Peg One Angling Spring league.
Sunday 15/4/12 20 fished
Round 3
1st Dave Hiley 20-5-0 Notts Peg One
2nd Dave Round 17-10-0 Notts Mansfield Busman AC
3rd Steve Richards 17-7-0 Notts Sherwood Fishery
4th Geoff Hiley 16-12-0 Notts Peg One
5th Ralph Marshall 13-4-0 Derby’s Sherwood Fishery
6th John Holmes 9-15-0 Notts Sherwood Fishery
Dave fished the pole with worm and caster at peg 41 for ide and skimmers – 1lb just heading Dave Round into 2nd on the next peg 42 he fished the pole and caster landing roach and Ide – 12oz