Holmedale Lake Open Match
Sunday 4/4/13
24 fished  
1st John Woodland Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 51, 55-3-0
2nd Carl Brown Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 17, 51-10-0
3rd Mick Langton Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 9, 50-8-0
4th Andy Lakey Worksop Angling peg 36, 47-7-0

5th Dean Richmond Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 45, 41-15-06th Matt Malia Wickersley Angling Peg 55, 40-12-0

The fishing improved all round the lake just like the weather a white over frost turned into a lovely spring day, in first place John struggled for the first half of the match but the fish turned up on his margin swims fishing the pole and pellet at 14m down both sides he landed 14 carp 10lb. 2nd placed Carl fished the pole with pellet out at 6m over pellet for lots of carp – 4lb.

Woodhouse Angling Centre Spring league round 1
Sherwood Lake 
20 fished
1st Ian Boyd, Woodhouse Angling Centre, 43 – 12
2nd Fred Bispham, Peg One, 22 – 10
3rd Geoff Hiley, Woodhouse Angling Centre, 20 -08
4th Steve Richards, Woodhouse Angling Centre, 18 -04
5th Kev Baxter, Mosborough Tackle & Dave Round, Woodhouse Angling Centre, both 16 -10

The weather has finally turned and the fish have switched into feeding mode on Sherwood lake for the first round of the Woodhouse Angling Centre Spring series.
After a steady start catching ide and bream on caster at hot peg 41 Ian Boyd made a switch to pole and pellet in the margins and was rewarded with 5 late carp to eight pound to finish well ahead of the pack with 43 -12.
Second placed Fred Bispham fished a brilliant match with pole and pinkie at peg 53 to weigh an all silverfish catch of 22 -10. Geoff Hiley claimed 3rd spot with 20 -08 of ide, bream and carp from peg 40.  

Monday open 1/4/13
Holmedale Lake 
15 fished
1st Jason Thomas Subfish peg 36, 25-1-0
2nd Jamie Mills Mansfield AA peg 1, 17-15-0
3rd Mick Wright Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 32, 17-10-0
A very windy day Jason did well to fish the pole at 9m with pellet on the hook he landed carp – 4lb and skimmers – 2lb.

Tuesday open 2/4/13
Sherwood Lake
18 fished
1st Daz Staley Mansfield Piscatorial AS peg 6, 22-1-0
2nd Steve Richards Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 21, 19-0-0
3rd Dave Round Woodhouse Angling peg 24, 17-15-0
4th Geoff Hiley Woodhouse Angling peg 7, 17-2-0

Daz drew peg 6 at the shallow end of the lake thinking it was all over at the draw, but fishing the pole and soft 4mm pellet over micro’s he managed to catch 22lb 1oz of skimmers the best being just a pound. 2nd placed Steve fished the pole and worm for a mixed net of Ide, skimmers and roach.

Wednesday Fun League 3/4/13
Holmedale Lake
18 fished
1st Geoff Mawby Gateford Angling Supplies peg 1, 59-5-0
2nd Andy Lakey Worksop Angling peg 39, 40-6-0
3rd Carl Brown Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 14, 28-15-0
4th Colin Spencer GOT Baits peg 51, 28-3-0
Last week Geoff was in top spot with a net of silvers this week he’s in top spot with 15 carp – 8lb on the pole and 4mm soft pellet fished down the margin at 13m from peg 1.In second place Andy fished the method feeder and pellet cast to the island at peg 39 for 20 carp – 4lb.