Monday 27/8/12 Holmedale lake 29 fished

1st Pete Hodgetts Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 20, 132-4-0Pete Fished the pole and meat out at 9m on two lines and later in the match fished down the marginlanding carp to 6lb and a total of 132lb 4oz
2nd Daz Staley Mansfield Piscatorail AS peg 39, 123-8-0Daz fished the pole and paste out at 6m and down the margins for carp – 8lb
3rd Carl Brown SF Fishery peg 31, 98-2-0
4th Alan Warren Phil’s bait & Tackle peg 53, 95-15-0
5th Andy Lakey Worksop Tackle peg 19, 95-4-0
6th Andy Morley Kiveton Hall Fishery peg 45, 87-1-0 

Tuesday 28/8/12 Sherwood Lake 14 fished

1st Dave Round Mansfield Busman AC peg 52, 66-3-0Dave fished the pole and caster at 5m for ide and skimmers – 1lb and the pole and worm in the marginfor 5 carp -6lb
2nd Steve Richards SF Fishery peg 40, 57-5-0
3rd Lee Payling Peg one Angling peg 43, 49-15-0
4th Martin Rouse Mansfield Busman AC peg 38, 45-3-0

Wednesday 29/8/12 Holmedale Lake 23 fished

1st Pete Hodgetts SF Fishery peg 51, 150-7-0Pete fished the pole and meat on two lines at 4m and down the margins landing over 50 carp – 6lb catching 34 in the first 2 hoursfinishing with 150lb 7oz.
2nd Steve Keyworth Little John peg 36, 132-12-0Steve fished the pole and paste short at 5m and the worm down the margin for carp – 10lb weighing in the 2nd out of five ton weights with 132-12-0
3rd Mick Langton SF Fishery peg 4, 118-0-04th John Woodland SF Fishery peg 39, 116-7-05th Pete Ellis SF Fishery peg 24, 103-3-0