Wednesday Autumn League 21/8/13
Holmedale Lake
26 fished
1st Martyn Brown Eastwood Angling Centre peg 21, 208-15-0
2nd Andy Lakey Worksop Angling peg 17, 140-4-0
3rd Steve Binch Mansfield Piscatorial AS peg 45, 120-4-0
4th Steve Gregory Miracle Baits/Middy peg 42, 94-1-0
5th Mick Langton Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 26, 87-10-0
6th John Darby Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 36, 75-8-0
Another massive weight from the lake and another big weight from Martyn Brown fishing the pole and paste out and down both margins at peg 21on the edge of the big bay he landed 54 carp – 7lb with a grand total of 208lb 15oz. In second place Andy fished the pole with pellet and corn landing 44 smaller carp – 6lb and a total of 140lb 4oz.

Tuesday 20/8/13
Sherwood Lake 16 fished
1st Dave Round Mansfield Woodhouse Angling peg 41, 83-2-0
2nd Steve Richards Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 56, 60-11-0
3rd Martin Rouse Mansfield Busman AC peg 43, 56-4-0
4th Tony Brown Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 61, 51-14-0
Dave drew peg 41 and there was only going to be one winner fishing the pole and caster out at 7m for 33lb of skimmers and 50lb of carp from the margin on sweetcorn. In second place Steve fished the pole and caster for Ide & Skimmers – 2lb + 4 bonus carp – 5lb.

Holmedale Lake 3 hour evening
Sunday 18/8/13
21 fished  
1st Will Creswell Eastwood Angling Centre peg 17, 166-0-0
2nd Shaun Moss Miracle Baits peg 21, 116-1-0
3rd Steve Gregory Miracle Baits/Middy peg 26, 111-15-0
4th Ben Holmes Matrix Trentman peg 42, 111-2-0
5th Martyn Brown Eastwood Angling   peg 34, 102-8-0
6th Garvin Revell Eastwood Angling Centre & Alan Foster Miracle baits both 97-15-0
Catching from the start to the end Will Creswell fished the pellet and paste down the margins at peg 17 to record 166lb of carp – 8lb. 2nd placed Shaun Moss was 50lb behind the winner with 116lb 1oz of carp – 8lb caught on the pole and meat out on the top 2 +2.