Homedale, Wednesday Fun league open 15/2/06

 20 fished


1st Jason Thomas Peg One Angling Centre peg 21, 64-12-0


2nd Carl Brown CB Home Improvements peg 31, 33-2-0


3rd Pete Hodgetts Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 46, 31-8-0


4th Pete Ellis Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 16, 31-0-0


5th John Darby Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 26, 30-2-0


6th Jason Singlehurst Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 38, 23-8-0




Jason drew peg 21 on the edge of the swallow bay, he fished a small g/bait feeder and corn cast to the weed bed for the first hour till the carp moved over his baited pole line, he had a fish first cast and the 2 more before moving onto the pole line, 9 more carp – 7lb in the net at the end of the match finishing with over 30lb to spare. At the top of the good back up weight Carl fished pole and meat at peg 31 on the bore hole, struggling to fish the pole long into the hole because of the wind he had to fish sort and ended with only 7 carp

Next weeks

Draw is at 10am at the cabin



Sherwood Lake Tuesday Open 14/2/06


15 fished


1st John Darby Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 49, 18-5-0


2nd John Mosley James Maude AC peg 44, 11-0-0


3rd John Tingle, Peg One angling centre Peg 46, 7-12-0


4th Mick Clifton Peg One angling centre Peg 41, 7-8-0


5th Ralph Marshall Peg one angling centre peg 42, 6-10-0



John fished pole and caster at 11m loose feeding casters every put out, ending with a nice net of Roach Rudd skimmers and a bonus 1lb carp that was his biggest fish he said he had had a bite every put in, the 2nd placed angler had a net similar to the winner fishing the same metho



Holmedale Lake Saturday 18/2/06


23 fished


1st Craig Brazier Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 31, 29-8-0


2nd Steve Shepherd Ashima Worksop peg 10, 20-7-0


3rd Pete Lewis Welbeck Black Rods peg 32, 13-12-0


4th John Cox Mansfield Angling Centre peg 14, 10-9-0


5th Terry Schofield Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 38, 10-8-0


6th Alan Cox James Maude ac peg 47, 10-1-0


What a difference a couple of days make, a white over frost greeted the anglers at the draw, and talk was about bites. Resident angler Craig drew on the bore hole peg 31 fishing pole and pellet long at 14m he had 10 carp – 4lb in the first hour then added 2 carp and two roach to his net in the remainder of the match for a total of 29lb 8oz. 2nd was ex Worksop team captain Steve Shepherd he fished pole and pellet under the willow for 4 carp – 5lb and a dozen roach – 12oz on the caster.