March 2006

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Inside The Mind

ACF meets ‘Uncle’ Jim Shelley down at CEMEX Angling’s Road Lake, hoping some of his winter success will rub off! Plenty of Jim’s usual nuggets of wisdom are included.  


Bait Kitchen

What Tony Mills doesn’t know about bait isn’t worth knowing. He answers more questions from ACF readers in this truly interactive feature.


Moore Meanderings

Respected carper Dave Moore tackles one of the most controversial issues in modern-day carp fishing. He isn’t pulling any punches either!


Gawthorn’s Way

Longstanding carper Dave Gawthorn tackles bait. He gives us the inside track on the little edges that it’s taken him years to develop.



Our roving rod, thirties machine Steve Renyard, tackles Boyer Leisure’s Farlow’s Lake. Can he stay away from the famous Heron’s Point bar?


Great Scott!

Ever wondered what a carp’s teeth look like, or how they regrow scales? Where is their blind spot? ACF’s Dr Carp reveals all.


Castle’s Class

ACF welcomes Pete Castle into the fold as he plunges under the surface of our carp lakes. In this new series, Pete reveals the importance of understanding the aquatic environment.


Nash Pursuit Competition

We’ve got nearly £1,200 worth of brand-new Nash Pursuit rods for you to win. What are you waiting for?


Northern Lights

Northeastern ‘gem’ Lee Birch blows the lid on his phenomenal run of captures while pursuing Britain’s biggest common, Benson.


Essex Angling Holidays Competition

Win a free trip to France for you and your mates. Just imagine all those lumps to yourselves; can you afford not to enter?


Cash’s Corner

Our ‘man on the inside’ brings you all the latest happenings from his ‘quirky’ carp world.


Five Minute Interview

One of the first real tackle innovators, Kevin Nash, gives us his no-nonsense views on all things carpy in 2006. Tackle Box

ACF’s monthly glance at the latest offerings from the tackle industry. Beat the winter blues with a bit of retail therapy!


On Tests

Nash, Daiwa and Greys products come under the ACF microscope this month. A rucksack, reel and landing net get the live-on-test treatment. Jacko On Carp

Lee Jackson is renowned for keeping his rigs ‘simple’, but is there more to it than meets the eye? ACF questions the great man to find out more.


Carp Idol 2006

Carp fishing’s biggest talent hunt continues as we follow Mike Stockton’s exploits. Cicely Mill Pool is the setting for this winter’s tale.


ACF On Tour

Join the ACF crew on its latest expedition. This time Spain’s River Ebro is the backdrop for some arm-aching action as the boys battle huge catfish.


Beat The Crays

Respected BCSG member Leon Bartropp reveals the secrets he uses to combat crayfish. This is a must-read for anyone tackling crayfish-infested waters.


Advanced Rig Design

Living ‘legend’ Richard ‘Cash’ Farnan describes the reverse hair rig, a rig he claims changed the course of his season.


Rig Blitz

Unsponsored angler and editor Mark Holmes gives his opinions on some of today’s and yesterday’s terminal tackle. Just how old is this guy?


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