Pairs series Round 9

Holmedale Lake Sunday 21/5/06

26 fished



1st Steve Clark Mansfield peg 35, 88-1-0


2nd Kev Baxter Diawa Trentmen peg 4, 64-9-0


3rd Carl Brown CB Home Improvements peg 21 62-8-0


4th Mick Langton Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 41, 52-5-0


5th Pete Ellis Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 38, 51-16-0


6th Jock Allison Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 33 50-0-0




 None stop rain didn’t dampen the anglers spirit in this the penultimate round of the pairs series, Pairs partners Steve and Kev both got of to a slow start  and only really catching in the last 2 hours. Steve went for broke and filled the margin line in with pellets and luncheon meat and the fish responded straight away having 15 carp – 11lb on pole and meat to win the match with a total of 88lb 1oz. Kev also fished the pole meat and corn down the margin and had 9 carp – 10lb for 64lb 9oz


Top pair on the day Kev Baxter & Steve Clark 2 points



Leading Pairs

1st         Kev Baxter & Steve Clark 43 points       

2nd   John Woodland & Jason Thomas &

            Carl Brown & Pete Ellis 50 points







Peg One Angling Centre Spring league final round


Sherwood Lake Sunday 21/5/06


28 fished


1st Lee Payling Peg One Angling Centre peg 56, 33-8-0


2nd John Holmes Peg One Angling Centre peg 41, 29-4-0


3rd Bob Place Mansfield Piscatorial AS peg 41, 24-1-0


4th Matt Sanderson Peg One Angling Centre peg 48, 21-7-0


5th Lionel Twiss Peg One Angling Centre peg 60, 21-4-0


Lee fished pole corn and pellet at 14m for a net of skimmers – 2lb and tench – 1lb and with the help of a 9lb carp that took him 45minutes to land of light tackle he finished in first place also winning the league by 1 point. 2nd place in the match was John Holmes drawn on peg 42 he fished pole and corn for the resident carp that live in that peg, his biggest fish was 6lb the rest were stocky carp – 1lb.

Final League

Lee Payling 7 points

Matt Sanderson 8 points

Mick Lysaught 10 points



Holmedale Lake, Wednesday Fun league open 17/5/06

 30 fished


1st Pete Hodgetts Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 24, 138-7-0


2nd Steve Shepherd Ashima Worksop peg 22, 130-5-0


3rd Pete Ellis Sherwood Forest Fishery Peg 38, 96-15-0


4th Martin Lambert Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 21, 91-0-0


5th Geoff Musson Mansfield Angling Peg 26, 88-8-0


6th Dean Jamieson Sherwood Forest Fishery Peg 54, 77-1-0





Another cracking match with the two leading weights being well over 100lb, Pete started fishing on pole and paste after four carp with three hours left he switched to pole and dog biscuit on the surface and then it was a fish most puts out finishing with over 40 carp – 8lb and a massive total of 138lb 7oz. 2nd went to Steve Shepherd fishing the method feeder and hair rigged spicy meat casting tight up to the island he finished with approx 50 carp – 4lb and 130lb 5oz to his name. 3rd was Pete Ellis fishing pole and pellet for carp – 9lb ending with 20 fish and 96lb 15oz in the net enough to win most matches. 43lb 8oz only got you 15th place.


Fun League final round

1st Pete Ellis 46 points

2nd Carl Brown 33

3rd Jason Thomas 30


Next weeks

Draw is at 1pm at the cabin for the start of the summer series










Sherwood Lake            Tuesday 6/5/06

20 fished


1st Lee Payling Peg One Angling Centre peg 41, 41-9-0


2nd John Mosely James Maude AC peg 42, 28-9-0


3rd John Darby Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 49, 22-3-0


4th Richard Hardy Gateford Angling Worksop peg 45, 19-13-0


5th Fred Bishamp Peg One Angling Centre peg 55, 19-10-0


6th Ralph Marshall Peg One Angling peg 63 14-19-0


Lee fished pole and pellet down the side under the over hanging willow catching skimmers and tench – 2lb all match he said his float went under every time he put out. 2nd placed John fished pole and caster for a mixed net of skimmers roach and tench but it was the bonus 7lb carp caught late in the match that got him 2nd spot


Next weeks draw is at 12 noon at the cabin £10 all in