Two members have resigned from the Pike Anglers Club after admitting a gross breach of its code of conduct in an angling newspaper.


Nigel Williams and Gary Banks, both from the West Midlands, told Angling Times they tried to smuggle live roach and carp on board a ferry bound for Ireland.


But the fish were found when customs officers searched their cars at Holyhead, on May 12, and both now face prosecution.


PAC chairman Colin Goodge said: “This is a sorry episode which reflects badly on pike fishing at a time when more than ever, we need to show that we are capable of pursuing our sport responsibly.


“British pike anglers have enjoyed the hospitality of the people of Ireland for more than three decades and it does us untold harm when this hospitality is abused, particularly by two prominent anglers who should be setting an example to others.


“In view of some of the threats our sport faces nearer home, we would urge all pike anglers – whether they are PAC members or not – to fish responsibly and in accordance with our code of conduct.”


The PAC Code of Conduct states moving livebaits from one water to another is an offence and should not be practised.


It warns: “The good name of the PAC and the esteem in which it is held has taken many years to build up, yet irresponsible actions by one or more members could destroy that hard work. The name of the PAC is entrusted to each and every member and all members are PAC representatives.”