Holmedale Lake
Sunday  29/5/11
33 Fished 

1st  Martin Brown Eastwood Angling Centre  (Notts) 70-5-0

2nd  Will Creswell Eastwood Angling Centre (Nott’s) 68-5-0

3rd   Darren Denton Roland Arms (S/Yorks) 59-7-0

4th  Jamie Mills Sensas Mansfield Angling (Notts) 58-7-0

5th  Rob Ward Sherwood Forest Fishery (Notts) 52-7-0

6th  Barry Thompson Eastwood Angling (Derby’s) 47-0-0

7th  Jon Turton Boundary ac (S/York’s) 39-11-0

8th  Dean Annable Sherwood Forest Fishery (Notts) 37-4-0

The strong gusting wind made presentation on the pole very difficult and it was a pellet feeder cast to the island at peg 36 that was the winning method for Eastwood Angling boss Martin Brown fishing corn, pellet and meat hook baits he landed 19 carp – 6lb. Team mate Will Creswell drawn at the other end of the lake on peg 3 he fished a pellet feeder and pellet cast tight to the submerged island and late in the match pole and paste sort at 5m for 11 carp  the biggest going 10lb.

Sherwood Lake
Tuesday 24/5/11
18 fished

1st Dave Round Mansfield Busmen AC peg 57, 49-3-0

2nd Fred Bispham Peg One Angling Centre peg 53, 41-15-0

3rd  John Mosley Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 41, 36-7-0 

4th Lee Payling Peg One Angling Centre peg 38, 34-3-0

5th John Wooff Sherwood Forest Fishery 30-14-0

6th Mick Clifton Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 60, 25-7-0

Dave fished the pole and caster for skimmers and tench – 2lb also landing one 5lb carp in his 49lb 3oz net. 2nd placed Fred landed an all silver fish net made up of ide and skimmers on the pole and caster.


Holmedale Lake
Wednesday 25/5/11
24 fished
It doesn’t matter were you draw at the moment with big weights coming from all over this in form lake, to get in the top 10 you needed 61lb 5oz. top spot went to Mansfield’s Ian Rowney drawn at 19 he fished the pellet scoop feeder and hair rigged pellet hook bait cast tight to the island and the pole and corn fished out and down the margin for 26 carp – 10lb making up his final total of 106lb 12oz. 2nd place from the next peg 20 Worksop’s Andy Lakey fished the pole and paste out and down the margin landing 29 carp – 8lb finishing with a level 101lb.

1st Ian Rowney Mansfield Piscatorials A S peg 19, 106-12-0

2nd Andy Lakey Worksop  peg 20, 101-0-0

3rd   Steve Keyworth Sensas Mansfield Angling  peg 56, 82-15-0 

4th  Nigel Shipman Sherwood Forest Fishery  peg 26, 84-7-0

5th Kristian Powers Sherwood Forest Fishery  peg 44, 76-4-0

5th Scott Plant  Subfish Tackle peg 24, 76-4-0