Sunday open


Holmedale 19 fished


1st Phil Shaw Chesterfield peg 21, 89-4-0

2nd Kieren Wood Low Hills AC peg 14, 52-5-0

3rd Phil Carline Subfish peg 36, 25-15-0

4th Steve Dale Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 23, 17-15-0

Phil fished the pole and pallet out at 14m landing carp – 8lb to finish well in front with 89lb 4oz. In second place Kieren fished the method feeder cast tight to the island landing 22 carp – 4lb.

Wednesday Open


Holmedale Lake 18 fished


1st Brian Elliott Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 21, 92-10-0

2nd Nigel Shipman Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 54, 79-9-0

3rd Geoff Mawby Gateford Angling Supplies peg 36, 58-7-0

4th Craig Brazier Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 19, 44-8-0

5th Pete Hodgetts Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 39, 23-3-0

6th Sean Storey Gateford Angling Supplies peg 45, 22-15-0

The carp are scattered all round the lake in big shoals and if you draw on them you are in for a good day as Brian did, drawing peg 21he fished the pole and soft pellet on two lines at 14 + 16m landing 20 carp – 8lb and putting 92lb 10oz on the scales. Nigel was on the same peg as he was on, on Sunday peg 54 and fished a 6mm banded hard pellet out at 16m for 32 small carp for 79lb 9oz.


Tuesday Open


Sherwood Lake 16 fished

1st Dave Round Woodhouse Angling Centre peg 14, 18-2-0

2nd Fred Bispham Peg One Angling peg 24, 14-4-0

3rd Ivor Birkin Rivendell AC peg 21, 13-15-0

4th John Slinn Woodhouse Angling Centre peg 6, 12-9-0

5th Brian Elliott Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 5, 10-7-0

A flat calm cold autumn day didn’t do the fishing any favors but every angler did catch, at the top of the list was Dave Round fishing the pole and caster out at 11m landing Ide and Skimmers – 1lb weighing a total of 18lb 2oz. In second Fred fished the pole and pinkie over ground bait for roach, perch and skimmers – 8oz.