The first open match on Dockow Pools’ new and improved Stock Pond took place at the weekend and produced an excellent 60lb per man at the Leominster Water, with a 128lb winning weight to Greg Herbert.

Greg, a bank manager who fishes plenty of the open matches on at Docklow, ‘cashed in’ on his peg 6 draw on his first visit the Stock Pond by pole-fishing at three metres for a mixed bag, adding a last-minute 8lb carp from the margins. Wayne Wardle also broke the ton, fishing to the island from peg 20 for 110-0-0.
In total 600lb of fish were caught by eleven anglers with the top six all taking over 5lb to the scales. Matches will continue every Sunday on the Stock Pond throughout the year.
Results: Greg Herbert, peg 6, 128-13-0; Wayne Wardle, peg 20, 110-4-0; Robert Lindsay, peg 4, 81-14-0; Phil Mason, peg 3, 76-6-0; Alan Boyd, peg 18, 66-5-0; Stevie Greaves, peg 7, 53-11-0.