A year after its launch on an unsuspecting trade and public, Sonubaits has expanded its range and recently gave the angling press a sneak preview. Of course, Tackle & Guns was there…

REGULAR readers will be aware that Sonubaits sees itself as more than just another new company in the bait market.
Its launch last year of the revolutionary Skinz selection of hook and feed pellets caused quite a stir – both in the trade and on the bank, as the feed accounted for many big match wins and a string of impressive fish.
Hot on the heels of that success, the team at Sonubaits has been busy creating more versatile, fish-catching products that are said to be as ingenious as they are irresistible.

Neatly packaged and with the backing of some of the best-known anglers in the business, the new baits for 2007 were presented to the UK’s angling press at a special day at Woodlands View fishery recently.
Certainly they look the part and retailers will have seen them unveiled in last month’s T&G. But what your customers will want to know is: “How do they fish?” Top anglers like Tommy Pickering, Ian Welch, Des Ship and Andy Findlay were on hand to guide the journalists through the collection and get them to try the new stuff out. There was no doubt that plenty of fish were caught in the process!

High confidence
Everyone knows how important confidence is in fishing – so Sonubaits’ idea of producing baits that stay on the hook or the hair goes some way towards encouraging anglers and making them happy while fishing, as well as successful.
At the same time, the dealer can be confident in the knowledge that Sonubaits is a manufacturer with is own UK factory equipped with the very latest technology and machinery needed to produce top-quality baits.

The concept is the brainchild of Dave Preston, the man behind the highly successful Preston Innovations company, so its pedigree has never been in doubt. Distribution is handled by the aforementioned organisation to ensure a fast and reliable supply, coupled with is legendary back-up service to dealers.

Not only will the Preston Innovations infrastructure help Sonubaits supply dealers with ‘what you want, when you want it’ – a key strategy in a competitive bait market – but there will be plenty of other support.

This will include active and aggressive marketing through advertising, promotions and extensive media coverage via features, articles, reviews and sponsorship – a tried and tested process from the people behind Sonubaits.

What’s new from Sonubaits?
Skinz: Additions to the established range of naturally sinking-feed and hookable, attractant-filled pellets this year include fishmeal brown in a range of sizes.

Liquids: To complement this, Sonubaits has produced extra dyes and flavours. Anglers can now colour baits black and brown or add pineapple, strawberry or corn steep liquor flavours for added attraction.

Fin Perfect: ‘Andy Findlay’s methods in a bag’, according to the company. These include a selection of expander and sinking-feed pellets that combine ease of use with effectiveness.

Then there are two groundbait mixes, called simply Mix One and Mix Two. Andy uses the first for Method feeder fishing as it has a fine consistency and is inactive. Mix Two, on the other hand, contains larger particles and is ideal for open-end feeder fishing when anglers are adding hook bait samples since the mix simply explodes from the feeder.

For those fans of paste fishing, the Paste Mix can be mixed up straight from the bag with no fuss, so you can get fishing as soon as possible using one of the most effective combinations available.

Total-Fishing.com site owner (aka Geepster) tries out the new S-Pellets under the watchful eyes of Advanced Pole Fishing’s Pat MacInnes (left) and Preston sponsored matchman Les Thompson at the Woodland View Press launch.

S-Pellets: Super-high-oil hook baits that are designed to stay on the hook, S-Pellets produce a scent trail for fish to home in on and they can be cast long distances or left in the water for long periods of time without fear of their coming off. The oil used – called Dog Oil – works in both summer and winter.

Top match angler Tommy Pickering says: “These will be in every club angler’s bag this season because they know they will stay on the hook. They are the best baits I have ever seen.”

Hali-Hookers: A hookable halibut pellet with around 50 per cent more oil than a standard version, these are just as at home whether they are being hooked directly or hair-rigged.

Specialist angler Ian Welch says: “Just like Tommy’s view of the S-Pellets, I believe if you walk the banks this year you will see plenty of anglers with a bag of Hali-Hookers in their rucksack. It’s a shame we have had to unveil them – they have been my little secret edge for the past few months during testing.”

The revolution continues
Sonubaits’ promotions manager Kevin Gough comments: “Following the successful launch of the revolutionary Skinz range of baits at Woodland View last year, we have not been resting on our laurels while watching our team of anglers and consultants win ever more matches and rack up even more specimens – although they have been doing that with great regularity.

“With the unparalleled knowledge and experience of these anglers, and with the genius that is David Preston, we have been looking at bait with a critical eye, and believe we have now pushed the boundaries of bait and baiting strategies a little further. We have a unique range of fish and fish-friendly products that are destined to revolutionise match, pleasure and big-fish angling over the coming months – and beyond.

“Sonubaits is a revolutionary bait company that develops and manufactures advanced baits of the highest possible standards under strictly quality-controlled conditions.

“We believe in giving both fish and anglers the best ingredients and attractors, and in using technology to produce innovative products and packaging.”

Contact: Sonubaits
Tel: 01952 210535

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