The Angling Trust Ladies’ National Championship took place at Holly Farm Fishery in Leicestershire on Saturday 9th June 2012.   After a week of wet weather it was dry, but overcast on the day of the match, however, there was a cold gusting wind which made fishing tricky for some of the 47 competitors taking part on the two match pools, Gils and Trotters.

The clear winner on the day was Sophie Davis (West Malling Angling) who was fishing for the Starlets A.S  team.  Sophie drew peg 1 on Trotters Lake and caught 12 carp for a weight of 47.360 kg. Most of her catch were from a margin swim in the second half of the match using cat meat as bait, but she did have an early carp on the method feeder.
The following four places were highly contested and all went to members of the Ladies International team. Second place was Helen Dagnall fishing peg 3 on Gils Lake with 31.760kg. Helen put in an outstanding performance to catch carp at 13 metres on pellet and worm in very windy conditions which made bait presentation very difficult.   In third place was Samantha Sim onTrotters 18 with some good carp caught in the margins totalling 31.60 kg, just edging out Julie Abbot on Trotters 11 with a weight of 31.100kg. Fifth place was Emma Pickering onTrotters 35 with 23.900kg.
Team wise it was a clear win for Starlets A.S. who had three of the top four individuals contributing to their team weight of 114.600 kg. Runners up were Reading Angling Team Hydro with 60.740 kg, whilst third place went to Warrington A.A. team Gold with 50.580 kg.
The Claire Dagnall Memorial Trophy awarded to the competitor under 21 years of age with the highest weight went to Sophie Williams (Mark 1 Sensas Ladies) with 20.660 kg.
It was pleasing to see that 15 of this year’s competitors were aged under 21, a good sign for the future of this competition.  The Angling Trust would like to offer their appreciation and thanks to everyone at Holly Farm Fishery for helping us stage this event.
Individuals Results
1) Sophie Davis  Starlets A.S.      Trotters peg 1     47.360 kg
2) Helen Dagnall  Starlets A.S.   Gils peg 3  31.760 kg
3) Samantha Sim Individual   Trotters peg 18  31.760 kg
4) Julie Abbott Starlets A.S.   Trotters peg 11  31.100 kg
5) Emma Pickering Reading Angling Team Hydro  Trotters peg 35  23.900 kg
6) Wendy Locker Warrington AA Team Gold Trotters 9  23.100 kg
Team Results
1) Starlets A.S.      114.660 kg
2) Reading Angling Team Hydro   60.740 kg
3) Warrington AA Team Gold 50.580 kg
4) Suffolk County Red  42.200 kg
5) Mark 1 Sensas Ladies  37.460 kg
6) Suffolk County Gold  26.160 kg
7) Garbolino Lindholme Ladies 22.160 kg