The Environment Agency is looking for new members to join two Regional Committees in the South West. Both committees are statutory and provide advice and direction, linking the Environment Agency with people affected by its work.
The Regional Fisheries, Ecology and Recreation Committee (RFERAC) gives advice on maintaining, improving and developing fisheries. It also advises on conservation, ecology, recreation and navigation issues.
Individuals and organisations of all backgrounds are encouraged to become members to ensure the committee accurately reflects the environment it serves. There are currently seven vacancies on RFERAC for people with a special interest in migratory, coarse, still water and trout fisheries. Also anyone with an interest in recreation or are riparian owners.
There are vacancies on the Regional Environment Protection Advisory Committee (REPAC) that is made up of representatives from local authorities, environmental specialists and organisations regulated by the Environment Agency. It advises on Environment Protection including performance, policy implementation and priorities and also represents a wide range of interests affected by the work of the Agency.
Successful candidates should represent regulated industries (ideally nuclear), land/air interests and environment interests.
The Environment Agency invites nominations from organisations and applications from individuals. Candidates should live in the Environment Agency’s South West region which covers Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Somerset, Bristol, South Gloucestershire and most of Wiltshire.
‘We need committed members who can advise on our work and help design and shape our policies to make sure everybody in our society plays their part in looking after our environment,’ said Richard Cresswell, Regional Director of the Environment Agency.
Applications should be made by March 28, 2008 to Sarah Harding, Corporate Affairs, Environment Agency, Manley House, Kestrel Way, Exeter EX2 7LQ. Telephone 01392 442184. Interviews for REPAC applicants will be held on April 28 and May 6 & 9 for RFERAC applicants. Appointees will take up their committee posts on June 1.