Southern Angler June 2005


In June’s issue we report on the fishmeal time bomb that one man says is just waiting to go off and the loss of one of the south’s top roach water to carp syndication .

Also in the feature-packed issue, priced only £1.99


New Series

Commercial Clinic

White Acres’ Clint Elliott kicks off his series on commercial fishery tactics looking at how to perfect your skills on your local venue for a match on a water that is too far away to practice.

Cornish Sandwich Man

Southern Angler’s Simon Gould shows how to use your loaf on the waggler for carp..

Cutting Edge Carping

Tim Wagner looks at spodding, fishing with Zig rigs and high visibility baits in the latest part of his new series on carp tactics.

£3,000 Daiwa Competition

Win a £1,500 Daiwa Connoiseur Ultra Pole of 20 runners-up prizes of Matchwinner Hydrolastic and Lock ‘N’ Load bushes.

Raider of the Lost Carp!

Tim Lennon goes in search of gold at Surrey’s Marsh Farm Fishery..

First Impressions

Including a look at the Korum’s new accessory chair and Maver’s 16m Armageddon pole.

The Full Monty

One luck reader has the chance to win every carp angler’s dream – a complete carp fishing kit worth more than a grand.

Where To Fish

More of the south’s waters spotlighted plus John Wright brings you news from the regions in form venues.

Tackle Live

The Southern Angler team highlights some new poles that are well worth a second look..

The Ivan Marks Story

In part four Ivan talks about match fishing if the 1960s.

Match News

Find out how the south’s top anglers faired in the first wave of this year’s White Acres festivals.

Hairpin Rigs and Latex Pellets

Meatbashers’ Perry Stone has perfected a technique for bagging on commercial waters on the pole that involves polyballs, Method feeders and super-tough pellets.

Arthur’s Legend

Do you remember those great 1970s matches on the River Rother in Kent? Keith recalls some fond memories of the David Bird run events.


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