In October’s issue we report on the new Lea Valley Action Plan that plans to get anglers back on the bank and the Carp Society’s plans to make Horseshoe Lake a carp fishing Centre of Excellence.

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Sitting On The dock Of The … Bream!

Browning’s Dave Vincent visits London’s docklands and discovers some fantastic inner-city bream fishing


Have You The Mussel?

Pallatrax boss Simon Pomeroy sets his alarm early to target Pallington’s tench shoals using little-used Green Shelled New Zealand mussels


Time For Barbel

Gary Barnett says you need to set your clock if you want to catch barbel on the Thames at Romney Island


Cutting Edge Carping

In the latest part of his new series on carp tactics Tim Wagner looks at how to get the best out of PVA bags.


Beachcaster Carp

Big-fish specialist Dominic Holmes heads for Devon’s Spires Lakes to catch carp on the surface using an unusual method


First Impressions

Including a look at TiCA’s Abyss TF9007 carp reel and Fox Match’s 13ft Envoy carp feeder rod


Where To Fish

We spotlight four top waters in the south plus John Wright brings you news from the regions in form venues


£1,400 Gamakatsu Hooks Competition

Win one of 40 sets of Gamakatsu coarse hooks


Tapping Up A Ton

England International Des Shipp visits Somerset’s Sedges Fishery for the fist time, bagging s a ton of ‘jugs’ in the process


Commercial Clinic

Clint Elliott looks at how Stickymag can outfish other methods and the water colls on commercial lakes..


The Ivan Marks Story

In part eight Ivan talks about how moving from the Leicester team to hook up with Barnsley and why he fished light for those Wide-Welland bream


Match News

All your club match results, plus reports on how the regions top angler’s got on in the big matches


Southern Matchman Final

Find out how our monthly Garbolino winners faired at Wiltshire’s Witherington Farm Fishery in this year’s Matchman final


Arthur’s Legend

Keith recalls roach and dace bagging during evening matches on the lower Thames.


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