Adventure angling holiday specialists is offering some knock-out packages for 2013, including opening up some brand new destinations in the Amazon rainforest for lure, bait and fly anglers.


Our new Xingu ‘Retreat’ package is a fly fisherman’s and lure angler’s delight for Peacock Bass, Bicuda, Pacu, Payara etc, and with bait fishing for huge Cats and other species, this trip is in the middle of the Amazon with a touch of added luxury can be as hard core or as relaxing as you want it to be!

Xingu Retreat. Costs $3750 Any time May – August. $3600 if 4 people or more.

Our Ikpeng Indian Village Camp is for the more adventurous of anglers. We will be living in the Ikpeng tribe village and have access to some amazing fishing for many top Amazonian predators, including Peacock Bass, Wolf Fish, Payara, huge Piranha, Bicuda and much more. We have some of the biggest Cats in the Amazon here to test any angler’s wit and strength.

 Ikpeng Indian Village trip $4400 Any time May – August. $4100 if 4 people or more.

Cabaceiras Floating Camp. Present costs $4750. Book before end March and it’s $4500
17-24 Setember 2013
22-29 October 2013
10-17 December 2013

Our new and improved Cabaceiras Floating Camp III has been running for one year and has shown its worth in every sense. Able to travel many miles through the day and night, we can reach many different watersheds in just hours. If one river is not fishing well, then we’ll just upheave and move on to another! This is a luxury ‘floating hotel’, fully A/C, with comfortable twin rooms with en-suite bathroom. Giant Peacock Bass, many other incidental species on lures and flies and also a good chance at hooking into a large Redtail or Piraiba Catfish.’s #1 top-selling trip (and Steve’s favourite all-round destination) is our Amazon Rainforest Explorer Camp trip. A Fishing Safari with a difference. Our camp is nestled on a sandy beach underneath tree canopy, set next to a beautiful backdrop of rapids and rocky outcrops. This is a comfortable tented trip, with a flush-loo, running showers and a jungle kitchen that produces amazing meals deep in the heart of an Indian Reserve! Freezers give us ice-cold drinks on demand and the fishing is nothing but amazing! With two grandslams on this river, no wonder we have people returning year after year. For lures, we have the toughest riverine Peacock Bass Steve has ever caught, huge Black Piranhas (WR has been broken here 3 times in 3 years), Traiarao or Wolf Fish, Payara or Vampire Fish, the Pike-like Bicuda and the Pescada or Silver Drum. All take lures and flies readily. For Cats we have the incredibly tough Redtail, Piraiba or Freshwater Shark, Surubim or Shovel-nosed Cat and the chicken of the river Jundia. 

 Amazon Rainforest Explorer Camp. Present costs $5250. Book before end March and it’s $5000
6-13 January 2014