We’ve teamed up with Spectre Floats for this month’s competition.


Spectre floats are the new innovation in float design… the clear waggler that’s virtually invisible underwater.

The world’s first and only totally transparent, perfectly self cocking waggler, featuring a soft collar line attachment with crystal clear weight, requires no ugly shot.

You can buy three floats for only £14.99 including postage and packaging.


What you can buy:

Three Original SPECTRE Classic floats with 7gr, 8gr and 9gr transparent weights

Three of the new micro ALCHEMY floats with 4gr, 5gr and 6gr transparent weights which allow ultra shallow fishing against features.

Three of the latest midi HYBRID shallow fishing floats with compact design and 7gr, 8gr and 9gr transparent weights


If you buy two sets for £29.98, we’ll send you a third absolutely free!


Spectre Floats Order hotline 0845 1201122 or visit www.spectrefloats.co.uk


To find out more visit the listing on the Total-Fishing website by CLICKING HERE


What You Can Win

Three winners will be receiving a complete set of nine of the Spectre floats. The closing date is October 30th, 2006.


How To Win

All you have to do is correctly answer the following question. You will find the answer if you visit www.spectrefloats.co.uk/html/faqs.html and look at the first answer.


When you have your answer simply go to the Competitions section of Total-Fishing.com (CLICK HERE) and type it into the answer field, don’t forget to add your email address.



Why was the Spectre float invented ?