Spectre Floats



The new innovation in float design… the clear waggler that’s virtually invisible underwater.


Three floats for only £14.99 including postage and packaging.


What You Can Buy:

Three Original SPECTRE Classic floats with 7gr, 8gr and 9gr transparent weights

Three of the new micro ALCHEMY floats with 4gr, 5gr and 6gr transparent weights which allow ultra shallow fishing against features.

Three of the latest midi HYBRID shallow fishing floats with compact design and 7gr, 8gr and 9gr transparent weights


That’s three fantastic, deadly floats for under £15 including p&p.


Plus if you buy two sets for £29.98, we’ll send you a third absolutely free!


Spectre Floats Order hotline 0845 1201122 or visit www.spectrefloats.co.uk


The History

My challenge in angling has been to overcome the very clever fish in my local gravel pit. These fish were more than capable of knowing when my float was in their vicinity, just how did they know?

It seemed to me the fish were visually aware somehow and could see apparent solid dark objects in the water namely painted float tips, metal shot, weights and swivels etc and associated these with danger.

Being an engineer with some understanding of materials, specific gravity and buoyancy I set about the creation of a clear see through float simply for my own ends and after much activity in my garage I eventually produced an ugly looking device which I used very successfully for several seasons winning top angler three years on the trot.

Inventor Lance Rathbone with one of many big catches of carp he’s caught
shallow on the Spectre, Alchemy and Hybrid floats

Subsequently, my colleague and I have developed the float into a match winning creation admired and desired by all who catch sight of it, some lucky friends have even borrowed it and won matches with it.

In the summer of 2005 we decided to market the Float and have Trade Marked it as SPECTRE

You now have the opportunity to benefit from using the SPECTRE float, the world’s first and only TOTALLY SEE THROUGH waggler with a transparent weight and fluorescent transparent tip.

Lance Rathbone


Why make a float that is virtually invisible?

Simple, the fish are more than capable of visually sensing danger even the best floats on the market have a unsightly dark appearance at the top and bottom of the float, a dead giveaway for an educated fish. If you want to see the difference between how fish view a normal waggler compared to the Spectre floats, see the amazing video at http://www.spectrefloats.co.uk


How does the clear weight work?

It is a patented crystal clear plastic teardrop shape weight which perfectly cocks the float due to its specific gravity, and amazingly also dramatically increases the casting distances.


How do you lock your float to the line without any shot?

With a soft clear friction locking collar which has the added benefit of not pinching and weakening the line as shot can do.


Are there any other advantages associated with the float?

Yes, because we have been able to increase the weight it takes to cock the float vertically this has also created the effect of the fish actually self hooking themselves and a gentle lift of the rod is all that is needed. Bingo.

Spectre, Alchemy and Hybrid Wagglers


* Avoids the fish visually sensing danger

* Perfect for fishing up in the water

* All floats are perfectly self cocking

* Has extreme casting ability

* Inbuilt soft locking collar gentle on the line and instant depth adjustment

* Does not need shot

* New TIP choices RED, YELLOW, BLUE


If you’d like to see the floats in action, view the video at http://www.spectrefloats.co.uk/html/tips___video.htm


What Angling Times says:

“GENUINELY new and workable ideas in floats are rare as rocking horse droppings in my experience, but I’m impressed with the potential of these.

Spectre floats are unlike anything I’ve ever seen before because they’re made from an almost optical, see-through plastic that’s hard and smooth as glass and virtually invisible when immersed in water.

Dave Woodmansey of Angling Times was very impressed

The floats all perfectly self-cock and a special attachment means you don’t even have to use locking shot on the reel line. The only visible point on the float is a fluorescent red insert inside the sight tip. This means that the float is virtually invisible and has far less chance of spooking educated fish when fishing up-in-the-water as there’s no paint, split shot, swivel, metal float attachment or shadow to give the game away.

The aerodynamically-shaped floats cast well and all of them cock perfectly with just the red sight tip showing. Light travels through the entire length of the float reducing shadows and dark patches to virtually nil, but the tip stands out brightly, even at extreme range.

One huge benefit is that these ‘invisible’ floats can be cast beyond the target area and then drawn back over the feeding fish without unduly spooking them.”


What Coarse Fisherman says:

“The Spectre float is well made from a hard, smooth plastic and is virtually invisible when immersed in water. The body is straight and topped with a bright insert for high visibility when fishing at distance. The base has a locking collar that slides down over the line, trapping the float in place. This method of locking the float also prevents the damage to the line that can occur when using shot.

I tested the floats in the shallows and discovered that they really are virtually invisible. I also set them up in a tank and tried to photograph them but found it impossible despite surrounding them with numerous flash guns.

I have been using these floats for a couple of weeks on different venues, carp ponds, gravel pits etc and they have worked well on all venues. They cast well and settle immediately whilst cocking perfectly.

The floats are perfect for fishing up in the water or on-the-drop with slow sinking bait. I have also been using them as a controller when fishing with surface baits and have not experienced any problems with striking as long as you fether the line before it hits the water.

In summary, the Spectre Floats are extremely well made and do the job perfectly. Although slightly more expensive that standard floats, the build quality and edge they will give you over other anglers make the layout worthwhile.

The floats are currently only available by mail order and are limited to 2 sets per customer. You can buy them online via the website or by calling 0845 120 1122.”

Phil Runciman



Features 5/5

Performance 5/5

Build Quality 5/5

Value 4.5/5


Contact Us: If you would like more information about Spectre Floats then please contact the inventor at: Lance@spectrefloats.co.uk


The floats are only available mail order and are limited to two sets per customer. Allow up to 28 days for delivery. (Offer applies to UK mainland and Northern Ireland only.)


Spectre: Order hotline 0845 1201122 or visit www.spectrefloats.co.uk