Splash ‘Em Carp Up In The Water Pellet Rigs

Through the late summer and autumn months carp spend lots of time cruising in the upper layers. Due to increased water temperatures they also feed they also feed a lot harder too
This creates a sense of competition among the fish and they will rise to the surface to get to the freebies first. This is when fishing a hook bait just under the surface can produce brilliant catches.
“When fish are feeding shallow they can be almost suicidally easy to catch – greed overcomes natural caution,” says Middy’s Rob Wooton, pictured below.
“The two golden rules for this time of year are to fish up in the water and keep the bait going in. By trickling feed int the water every 30 seconds, you will heighten the carp’s sense of aggression and competition, and this makes them easier to catch.”

The new Splash ‘Em rigs are ready tied for up in the water pellet waggler fishing.

E003 barbless eyed hookswith Stonfo band
Knotless knot system
Six per packet
Free Shokka beads
Short 12 in hooklength with micro swivel
RRP £2.25 per packet
Size 14 to 0.18mm
Size 12 to 0.20mm
Size 10 to 0.20mm


RRP: £2.25
Hook: Barbless E003 Power Plus eyed
Size: 10 to 0.20mm; 12 to 0.20mm; 14 to 0.18mm
Quantity: Supplied in packs of six
Extras: Three free Shokka beads and waggler link
Contact: www.middytackle.com <http://www.middytackle.com/>

tcf says: Middy think of everything. Each hook link is pre-tied to a micro match swivel for an easy set up.