Sport Channel Network, the Free to Air AVOD Channel available on Freeview and YouView, has signed an agreement with Fishing TV to stream new series Carp Wars 2 and The Fishing Show and wants to encourage more youngsters to pick up a rod and go fishing.

“Fishing is a very popular participation sport with a unique link to the natural world, and our fishing content has been a top performer for audiences since SCN Launched, said CEO Paul Coster.
“Our latest agreement with Fishing TV means we will stream 16 episodes of Carp Wars 2, the new season of the popular show, as well as 24 episodes of The Fishing Show, which is an original magazine product.”

The UK Angling Industry wants to appeal to a more youthful demographic and as an AVOD service, with no fees to pay or sign up needed, SCN appeals to a younger audience. They can access content in the UK, free of charge, on their mobile phones or other digital devices as well as via Smart TVs.

Since it was established at the end of 2017, SCN has built a significant archive of fishing content including, Carp Wars, iFish, Gone Fishin, Big Angry Fish and Sports Fishing with Dan Hernandez. The new content agreement will enhance the Fishing Offer and make the channel a destination for UK fishing fans of all ages.

“The Angling Trust has recently launched a campaign to try to encourage young people to take up fishing,” said Coster. “We fully support that as SCN’s strategy is to connect with new audiences who want to watch sports free of charge, when and how they want,” said Coster.

The Trust, which represents game, coarse and sea anglers in England and Wales, wants to attract more youngsters and is promoting ways to encourage younger anglers by dropping the licence price for juniors and not requiring them for children aged 12 and under.

The freshwater angling industry alone is estimated to contribute nearly £1.5 billion to the economy and support 27,000 full time jobs. Sea angling generates another billion pounds and at least 10,000 jobs.

“Fishing has long been one of the most popular participation sports in the UK but now has an aging demographic. We would be delighted if SCN can encourage more youngsters to pick up a rod and go fishing.”

SCN was created at the end of 2017 and has already streamed over 900 hours of premium content in HD from partners including ATP Tennis, Formula E Motor Racing, FIBA Basketball, FIH Pro League Hockey, UCI Cycling and FIA Motorsport. SCN has also streamed football and fishing as well as drone racing and kite surfing. SCN is channel 266 on Freeview and Youview.

Sports Channel Network uses a bespoke digital advertising platform, a first in the AVOD market, created by Google for VOD 365, an OTT Channel network of which SCN is a part.