The key to catching silver fish is the same on both lakes, there are no secrets just plain and simple tactics. Basically it is just like fishing a canal or a slow flowing  river. In the warmer months you catch fish at all depths so you arrange your shotting shirt button style ie all at equal spaces apart, this means that  the bait falls through the water in a even gradual motion, this combined with regular loose feeding with maggots gets the fish competing. groundbait is more of a sloppy mix basically to create a cloud as it falls through the water. Top tips, always shot the float well down to the water surface, the lesser the better, and secondly retrieve and recast on a regular basis, do not sit and wait for a bite you have to work at it. In the colder months it is basically the opposite, the fish tend to stay close to the bottom of the lake, the shotting pattern is in bulk form, this takes your bait down quicker, groundbait is a stiffer mix and laced with hemp and sqatts. Loose feeding becomes very sparse, and you have to wait a little longer for bites, Top tips in winter fish pinkies as apposed to maggots and twitch the bait now and again to induce a bite.