Solway, South West Scotland, 24-26 June 2011

“Come along and join in”

Only 9 days left to go until Sharkatag 2011

Join the many other anglers fishing marks around the Solway looking to catch, tag and/or record data regarding a variety of shark species including tope, smoothound and spurdog.

As you know, Sharkatag is part of the SSACN’s campaign to highlight the urgent need for shark, ray and skate conservation in Scottish waters, as well as raising the public awareness of sea angling and its contribution to the economies of many coastal communities.

We are hoping to build on last years successful event when Sharkatag attracted over 200 volunteer sea anglers fishing from the shore, kayaks and boats.

The response so far has been terrific; lots of last years participants and many new ones are expected to come from all over the UK – this represents a tremendous commitment to sea angling and to conservation, especially so given the current economic situation.

If you’d like an idea of what Sharkatag has to offer, see here:

If you haven’t already signed up, you can still take part – just register here: … katag-info