Angling Trust Winter League Grand Final: Day 1

16 teams of 8 gathered from all parts of the country for the first of the two leg Angling Trust Winter League Grand Final on the Thorne section of the Stainforth & Keadby canal on 4th July 2015.  Bloodworm and joker were allowed for this match, and anglers who had travelled to practice had managed decent nets of fish on this method.

The weather was dull in the morning with light rain, but the forecast was for brighter conditions later.

Early reports showed fish being caught from the off, with some better skimmers amongst the small roach and skimmers that were expected on bloodworm. Quite a few of the teams had bait problems, particularly with the joker used as feed. This sometimes proved to be a blessing as anglers switched to conventional baits such as maggots, casters and red worms to be rewarded with better skimmers, some big eels and perch. Others more confident with their bait were catching good numbers of fish on the bloodworm.

As the dull, overcast conditions turned to bright sunshine, some anglers began to struggle for bites, but those who persevered continued to pick up small roach, skimmers and perch together with a few decent roach on hemp, especially towards the end of the match.

Steve Hemingray (Kamasan Starlets) drew peg 190 on the marina mouth, a renowned bream peg. Steve started off well, catching bream on the long pole with worm until a boat turned around in his swim. He put a feeder across to the marina mouth and caught a few more until the shoal returned to his pole line, finishing with top individual weight on the day with 18 kilo 550.

Mick Lodge (Ossett) was doing well on peg 141 with bloodworm, catching roach with a few decent skimmers. Myles Levy (Preston Innovations Delcac) on the next peg (143) was also catching well, and with a late burst of skimmers, managed to edge ahead with 9 kilo 600 for second, leaving Mick’s 9 kilo 450 third .

As the section weights were coming in, it was clear that catches were decent and that Kamasan Starlets, Drennan North West and Preston innovations Delcac were posting good scores in most sections.

The final result showed Starlets as the most consistent, finishing with just 20 points in the one point for a section win scoring system, lowest points wins. They scored 2 section wins and all of their anglers finished in the top 5 of their section to lead the competition after the first day.

Preston innovations Delcac also had 2 section wins, but also had 2 disappointing results to finish second on the day with 39 points.

Drennan North West were third with 41 points.

Scores from the two days were combined, so there was still plenty to play for on the second day at Lindholme Lakes with the top three battling it out for the title, and only 7 points separating the next 7 teams.

All in all a fair days fishing on a natural venue, then it was onto different skills and techniques on the carp filled lakes at Lindholme Lakes on 5th July.

Angling Trust Winter League Grand Final: Day 2

The 16 qualifying teams reassembled at Garbolino Lindholme Lakes, Epworth, Doncaster for the second day of the Angling Trust Winter League grand final on 5th July 2015, and expectations were high for a close competition …but would Preston Innovations Delcac and Drennan North West be able to pull back the gap on Kamasan Starlets after day 1 on the canal?

There were 2 sections each on Benny’s and Laurels, and one each on Beech, Willows, Loco and Oasis, and although it would be difficult to predict where the top weight might come from, Benny’s would provide consistent sport with a smaller stamp of fish, but perhaps the bigger carp in the other pools would win the day.

As the match got under way in overcast conditions, anglers on Benny’s were straight into fish, fishing very shallow on pellet between 5 and 7 metres out and feeding slop groundbait in the cup every put in.

A smooth routine is imperative at this venue to keep up the catch rate, with upwards of 300 fish the target. Meanwhile bigger carp were showing on the other sections, and it was difficult to pick out a team who appeared to be leading on the day. Some anglers were pinging pellets and fishing up in the water, while others were fishing down the edge or into a feature corner for bigger fish.

As the match moved into the final stages, it was clear that Benny’s would produce some big weights, with Zac Brown (Delcac) on peg 13 in A section catching well, with a slightly better stamp of fish by using hard pellets instead of slop as feed.

Steve Conway (Shakespeare Superteam) on peg 9 and Andy Bennett (Drennan North West) on peg 6 were also catching. In B section on Benny’s it was Andy Quarmby (Drennan Bordon) on end peg 60 and Connor Barlow (Drennan North West) on 36 who seemed to be leading.

Some good battles were under way with anglers pegged near to each other; on Oasis Tony Moore (Maver Newman Scott) on 54 and Adam Mitchell (Frenzee) on 53; on Loco it was Chris Downs 17 (Shakespeare Superteam), Pete Riley 19 (Scunthorpe Blue) and Chris Reilly 21 (Ossett) who were neck and neck.

Meanwhile it looked as if Cam Hughes (Kamasan Starlets) was leading E section on Laurels from peg 1, as was Mike Rogerson (Drennan North West) fishing peg 33 Laurels in F section.

Darren Cox (Kamasan Starlets) was landing carp on Beeches peg 3, but Ray Marklew (Ossett) was catching up with some quality fish.

The match drew to a close and it was clear that some teams had greatly improved on their day 1 result, and Preston Innovations Delcac were catching up with Starlets, as the final results proved.

Winning team on the day was Frenzee, having scored consistently throughout the sections, with Adam Mitchell best with second on Oasis. Ossett also put in a solid performance; Ray Marklew getting the top weight on Beeches with 64 kilo 160.

Top individual weight from Zac Brown of 83kilo 860 gave Preston Innovations Delcac a section win from A section; Zac finished with 345 fish up to 2lb. Mike Rogerson for Drennan North West topped  F section, weighing a straight 70 kilo for second highest weight on the day.

Cameron Hughes was the Kamasan Starlets section winner on Laurels on 51kilo 700.

As the final points were counted, Kamasan Starlets were glad of their lead gained on day 1, finishing Winter League champions over the 2 days with 76 points

Preston Innovations Delcac did close the gap, but finished second on 85 points. Ossett’s solid performance on day 2 was rewarded with third place overall as they tied with Drennan North West on 100 points and tied on 2 sections wins each but had a higher aggregate weight.

It was a great climax to a terrific two days fishing, showcasing the variety of skills held by the competing anglers, switching from one extreme to the next and catching small fish on bloodworm on a tiny hook on the canal, to speed fishing F1’s fishing inches deep or tempting big wily double figure carp on a commercial lake.



Individuals: Day 2

1st  Zac Brown (Preston Innovations Delcac) Benny’s 13 – 83-860

2nd Mike Rogerson (Drennan North West) Laurels 33- 70-000

3rd Andy Bennett (Drennan North West) Benny’s 6 – 68-980

4th Ray Marklew (Ossett) Beeches 13 – 64-160

5th  Andy Quarmby (Drennan Bordon) Benny’s 60 -60-310

Teams: Day 2

1st Frenzee- 42 points

2nd Ossett – 44 points

3rd Preston Innovations Delcac -46

4th Preston Innovations Thatchers – 51

5th Kamasan Starlets – 56

6th Drennan North West -59

Overall Team Result

1st Kamasan Starlets 76 points – 358-710

2nd Preston Innovations Delcac  85 points – 350-210

3rd Ossett  100 points – 351-400

4th Drennan North West  100 points- 339-140

5th Preston Innovations Thatchers 107 points -320-410

6th Maver Image 127 points – 284-925

Photo: Kamasan Starlets