Pic: Barston Masters 2015 final winner Steve Beard

Steve Beard, a firearms police officer from Stratford has won £2015 by winning the Barston Masters final.

Steve qualified by winning his section in the August qualifier. On a horrible cold windy November day, all fish came on the method and PVA bag from peg 54, weighing in 56.1lb of carp and F1s.

Neil Carless from un-fancied peg 96 was 2nd with 53.14lb on the method long, and Paul Alder came 3rd from the flier peg 124 with 52.12lb. Darren Cox 4th with 50.lb, and Wayne Sharman 5th with 49.8.

Barston xmas match is next month’s match, and the Barson masters starts again in January, one round per month, on the second Saturday of each month. Bookings are on line at: www.barstonlakes.co.uk



Chris Vandervelt 23.10

Mick Bull 42.

Karl Connerly 20.0

Paddy McMahon 23.8

Chris Bradney 17.9

Solski 47.2

Martin Eddis 33.8

Danny Dimment 31.8

Darren Cox 50.0

John Jones 47.8

Wayne Sharman 49.8

Krystof 26.10

Gareth Hawley 32.4