David Hall Publishing regret to announce that Total FlyFisher editor, Steve Cullen is leaving the title to take up a position with Leeda.

Joining the title as an editorial assistant in 2005, Steve became editor in 2007 and moulded the magazine to become the most influential in the UK game fishing sector. Following his own mantra of ‘practice what you preach’, during his time with the title, Scotland-born Steve became one of the top competition fly anglers on the circuit rising to represent his adopted country – England – at the highest level.

Commenting on the move, Steve said: “Total FlyFisher has pretty much been my life for the last decade and although at times it’s been tough, the job satisfaction has been immeasurable; I have loved every minute of it!
“I’d like to thank the people at DHP, and David Hall in particular as he and those around him trusted in me and, because they did, I have had such an eye-opening journey and witnessed a whole host of amazing things in the fly fishing world!”

Sean O’Driscoll, managing director of DHP said: “We’re very sad to be losing Steve. His passion for the sport and the magazine in particular has been a joy. We thank him for 10 years of hard work and for shaping a title respected by fly anglers the World over. He has set a high bench mark.”

Steve joins Leeda as its game brand manager on February 9th and since handing in his notice has been assisting DHP in selecting a successor.