Heavy rain greeted the 100 anglers for the first round of Fish ‘O’ Mania at Viaduct Fishery, Somerset, on Wednesday 8th March. The weather did soon clear and fishing was to its normal high standard.

Local angler and Fish ‘O’ Mania veteran Steve Jackson, fishing for Garbolino, put his many years of experience to good effect when he drew peg 129 on Campbell.

Steve stayed on the waggler for the match, fishing both shallow and deep with 6mm pellets to take carp up to 12lbs to record a brilliant winning weight of 141lbs 9oz and booked his ticket for the Fish ‘O’ Mania grand final in July.

Hard on his heels for second place was Frank Donachie of Swindon, fishing for Colmic. Also on Campbell, he fished the bomb and waggler taking carp up to 10lbs to record a weight of 140lbs 7oz.

Gareth Lennox fishing for Frenzee took carp up to 15lbs on both pellet and meat to record 135lbs 13oz. Thomas Sexton of Ealing made the long journey to the South West pay by weighing in 129lbs 8oz, which included one carp of 18lbs. Andy Cranston fishing for Preston Thatchers and was part of the Sensas England Youth team last year took 125lbs 9oz to the scales, again an all-carp catch.

1. S. Jackson 141lbs 9oz
2. F. Donachie 140lbs 7oz
3. G. Lennox 135lbs 13oz
4. T. Sexton 129lbs 8oz
5. A. Cranston 125lbs 9oz