AN area of water at a busy Hampshire leisure spot has been reopened
following a mysterious pollution of the site.

Up to 50 large mullet and scores of smaller fish died as a result of a
thick black substance getting into the water at Calshot last week.

Environmental officers are still examining the substance that was found
at the start of Calshot Spit to establish exactly what it is.

The area has now been cleaned up and recent heavy showers have helped
to clean the water.

A spokesman for the Environment Agency said: “We don’t know yet what
the substance is or where it has come from – we are continuing our
investigations. The incident caused a lot of damage to wildlife and the

“We have an approximate figure of 30 to 50 dead large fish, such as
mullet, and an uncountable number of small fish died, but no more
reports of anything since then.”

The area was sealed off last Tuesday afternoon after the pollution was
reported to New Forest District Council and the Environment Agency.

Fishing in the area of Calshot Creek was advised against and Calshot
Activities Centre was told not to let children near the site of the