A three-metre long shark was devoured by a ‘super predator of the deep’ that then dived down a continental shelf with the Great White in its stomach!

That’s the conclusion of Australian scientists who have been able to study a tag that was washed up on a beach. 

Data from the tag reveals that the shark suddenly plunged at high speed down the continental shelf to a depth of alomost 600 metres, where its temperature rose dramatically from 46 to 78 degrees fahrenheit

Such a change could only be explained by the shark being inside the belly of another creature – a super predator large enough to devour a three-metre great white.

The shark was one of a number that were tagged just off the Australian coast.  Four months later the tag was found by a beachcomber, having washed ashore two-and-a-half miles from where the creature was tagged.

It spent eight days in the belly of a super predator before the tag was discharged.