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Guru Pure Fluorocarbon Line

A new, incredibly supple fluorocarbon from the Guru team, this line exhibits the low visibility characteristics you need from a fluorocarbon line, while also being tough and abrasion resistent, and easy to knot. Available in 0.14mm, 0.18mm, 0.22mm and 0.25mm at £6.99 for 50 metres. RETAILER LINK https://poingdestres.co.uk/guru-pure-fluorocarbon-line

Guru Reaper Dual Pole Section Retainer

The eagerly awaited Reaper Pole Section Retainer hits tackle shops next week, and does everything that you would expect it to, plus much more! You might be thinking that there isn’t really much that you can do with a pole sock, but this one has a few unique features which really make it stand out […]