Cold but otherwise perfect conditions greeted the 100 competitors to the first Southern semi final of the Angling Trust Winter League at Gold Valley Lakes, Aldershot on Saturday 2nd March 2013. 

A slow start for most, and unfortunately a few blanks as the carp were still tightly shoaled, but otherwise some excellent weights were recorded throughout the venue.  The winner came from Bungalow Lake where Pete Goodman banked 17 carp up to 9 kg by fishing the pellet cone up to the rope, Pete’s total of 56.160 kg was well clear of second place venue expert and Dorking star Mark Goddard who caught 14 carp on pole and pellet for 37.660 kg.   Third place went to Gary O’ Shea fishing on the canal bank of Gold Lake who fished corn on the straight bomb for 36.200 kg. 

On the day the favourites Team Daiwa Dorking put in an excellent performance and took the first qualifying place with 83 points.  The other qualifiers for the River Trent Final on 6th July were Monk Lakes Blue with 72 points, and Preston Innovations Delcac whom qualified despite 2 blanks. The Angling Trust would like to thank John  Raison and his team at Gold Valley Lakes for making everyone feel welcome, and all their help and support on the day.

Individual Results;
1st                 Pete Goodman,  PI Delcac – 56.160
2nd                Mark Goddard,  Team Daiwa Dorking – 37.660
3rd                Gary O’Shea ,  PI Thatchers – 36.200
4th                 Paul Hiller, Team Daiwa Dorking – 34.180
5th                 Ant Flint, Tubertini South – 32.680
6th                 Pemb Whiting,  Monk Lakes Blue  – 31.240
7th                 Myles Levy,  Monk Lakes Blue -30.440
8th                 Mike McMillan, PI Delcac –  28.720

Team Results;
1st                 Team Daiwa Dorking  – 83 points
2nd                Monk Lakes Blue –  72 points
3rd                PI Delcac – 59 points
4th                 PI Thatchers –  57 points
5th                 Tubertini South  – 55 points
6th                 Sensas A4 – 48 points
7th                 Maver Milton Keynes –  45 points
8th                 Devizes Match Group   – 40 points
9th                 Browning Wickford  – 39 points
10th               Sensas Oakwood  –  28 points