Linda Marks next to the superb granite memorial situated next to Crowland Bridge
and paid for by competitors in the event.


Tek-Neek Trabucco Ivan Marks Championships, Wide Welland (420 fished)
1 Colin Wilde, FTK Leeds, 7.900kg; 2 Jim Ashman, Hull, 4.330kg; 3 Andy Booth, Team Tigra, 3.650kg; 4 Jan Cebula, 3.480kg; 5 Tony Harrison, 3.400kg; 6 Dave Lutkin, 2.800kg; 7 Nigel Truman, 2.740kg; 8 Phil Bowen, Newport Noddies, 2.400kg.

Teams: 1 FTK Leeds, 8.360kg; 2 Team Tigra, 3.650kg; 3 Cherry Tree Team Calverton, 3.160kg; 4 Newport Noddies, 2.400kg.

Section winners: 1-50: Stu Moss, 1.160kg; 51-100: M Dickson, 0.580kg; 101-150: 151-200: Steve Freeman, 0.260kg; Mick Ball, 1.240kg; 201-250: R Moses, 2.210kg; 251-300: Paul Wild, 0.600kg; 301-350: John Spalton, 0.550kg; 351-400: Frank Butler, 1.730kg; 400-437: Paul Dotchin, 0.920kg.


A full picture report will appear in November’s issue of Midland Angler, our October 12th.