South American adventure holiday specialists are inviting a select group of lucky anglers to join them to cash in on what they describe as the best top water lure fishing destination in the Amazon basin.

The Rio Aripuana offers possibly the best current peacock bass fishing of all the Amazon tributaries.

Host Steve Townson spent most of September 2016 at this great fishery, catching as many as 200 peacock bass in each boat per day.

“The water levels then were just too low to travel further up and aim for other species, so we concentrated mainly on peacock bass,” said Steve. “This year we are going in July, when higher levels will allow us to travel way upriver to rocky areas and other massive lagoons and lake systems. The river system drops really fast from April/May onwards in this Southern Amazon watershed, and levels should be perfect in July.”

As well as big peacock bass on lures and flies, the lucky anglers boarding the plane will be targeting many other species of fish including two species of payara (the awesome looking vampire fish), golden apapa/sardinata (a fish that produced fantastic strikes on topwater lures), arowana, big bicuda, silver drum, matrinxã, jataruana and many, many more.

There are also redtail, jau and piraiba cats to go for when the going gets too hot and you want to cool down, put your feet up in the shade with a cold one and wait for something to rip line off your reel at a rate of knots!

Anglers interested in fishing this fantastic Amazon fishing destination should email . At the time of writing there are five places remaining