UK Premiere: Friday 13th January, 9.00pm


Geoffrey Palmer, one of Britain’s best loved actors (Butterflies, As Time Goes By), joins Rae Borras, an east-ender with encyclopaedic angling knowledge, to catch some of Britain’s classic fish as they compare the locations, the fish and the methods of today with how they would have been in the time of Izaak Walton’s 1653 book ‘The Compleat Angler’. 


Being the most reprinted English-language book – after the works of Shakespeare and the bible – Walton’s book records the efforts of an experienced fisherman as he imparts his wisdom to an eager-to-learn novice. 


Rae and Geoffrey aim to retrace the journey of the book together and gain insight from the lifetime experiences of a true angling master.  Follow them as they take up the challenge to visit some of Walton’s favourite haunts and try some of the methods that he would have used 350 years ago.


‘The Compleat Angler’ premieres on Discovery Real Time on Friday 13th January at 9.00pm.  The ten-part series will transmit thereafter in this day and time slot.