Members of the Association of Crucian Anglers launching their new Ezine ‘The Crucian Chronicle’ to mark the start of Catch a Crucian Month at their Marsh Farm fishery.

Crucian carp enthusiasts from all over the country gathered this week at Godalming Angling Society’s famous Marsh Farm fishery to officially launch this year’s Catch a Crucian Month with the publication of a brand new online journal ‘The Crucian Chronicle.’

The 60-page, high quality Ezine has been designed and edited by Norfolk angling artist Chris Turnbull and colleagues from the Association of Crucian Anglers’ (ACA) Facebook group.

The journal is a combination of informed advice from crucian experts such as Peter Rolfe – author of ‘Crock of Gold’ – on how to create and manage successful crucian fisheries, whether crucians are ‘native or naturalised’, the growing threat to the species from the gibel or Prussian carp which is spreading across Europe and interesting articles on the different methods used to target crucians in the UK.

There are also reports from a number of clubs and fisheries on how their own crucian waters are developing as well as a list of known ponds and lakes containing verified true crucians that has been compiled by Chris Netto of the ACA.

The Crucian Chronicle can be viewed HERE.

A downloadable PDF version is also available on the Angling Trust website HERE.

Last year the Angling Trust and the National Crucian Conservation Project teamed up with the Association of Crucian Anglers to designate June as ‘Catch a Crucian Month’ which included a photo competition judged by a panel of leading crucian crusaders including Chris Yates, Hugh Miles from Passion for Angling, big fish specialist Gary Newman, crucian expert Peter Rolfe and angling artist Chris Turnbull. The competition, which is open to all and will run throughout June, is being repeated again this year.

It is designed to promote crucians as a species, to assist in the recognition of true crucians, to encourage more anglers to take up crucian fishing and to highlight the need to develop specific crucian waters to ensure the survival of a species which is threatened by loss of habitat and hybridisation.

The prizes have been donated by Bait-Tech, Angling Direct and Andrew Field Floats

Martin Salter, Angling Trust Campaigns Chief said: “We are hoping that ‘Catch a Crucian Month’ and the fabulous new ‘Crucian Chronicle’ will inspire anglers and fishery owners to take a renewed interest in true crucians and their habitat. They are a wonderful species and deserve to be given a future. For many anglers, myself included, crucians capture the essence of small water angling in delightful surroundings. We hope that the pictures and videos taken throughout this month will help inspire others to join our campaign.”

Chris Netto, one of the founders of the Association of Crucian Anglers, said: “Now in its second year, Catch a Crucian Month was one of the great ideas coming out of the ACA Facebook group. The competition provides a much needed national focus on this iconic species. It increases awareness and encourages anglers to ask fishery owners if they have a ‘true cru’ pool so they can fish it and enter the competition.

“All these initiatives have resulted in more and more fishery owners and clubs getting in touch with the National Crucian Conservation Project to investigate the creation of specialised species pools as anglers discover there is more to coarse fishing than just king carp. Without creating this new demand and awareness, the future of true crucians in club and commercial waters was looking exceedingly bleak.”

‘Crucian Chronicle’ editor Chris Turnbull added: “Our efforts over the last three years have succeeded in bringing together clubs and individuals that are committed to conserving crucians. It was obvious we should now do something to further our campaign and share the news with the wider angling world.

“Publishing the ‘Crucian Chronicle’ is the perfect vehicle for doing this. Crucians have for too long suffered the consequences of being neglected, but in launching this journal we have elevated them as the sexy species they really are. Alongside news from bespoke fisheries, this Ezine is packed with guidance on how to identify and catch crucians, along with advice on how to manage crucian fisheries, topped with some spectacular crucian fishing stories. No one with half an interest in crucians can afford not to download the journal for free and become inspired to join the crucian revolution!”

Useful links:

Catch a Crucian Month Competition website
Peter Rolfe’s Crucian website
National Crucian Conservation Project
Download and display the special competition poster

Information on the Catch a Crucian Month photography competition:

Registrations are now open for ‘Catch a Crucian Month’ – a special photographic competition organised by the Angling Trust and the National Crucian Conservation Project (NCCP) in partnership with the Association of Crucian Anglers. The competition is open to all and runs throughout June. It is designed to promote crucians as a species, to assist in the recognition of true crucians, to encourage more anglers to take up crucian fishing and to highlight the need to develop specific crucian waters.

In addition to the generous sponsorship from Bait-Tech and Angling Direct each of the four main winners will win £100 Angling Direct tackle voucher, a special Bait-Tech bait bucket containing crucian groundbaits, pellets and additives, and a special presentation crucian float hand-made by traditional floatmaker specialist Andrew Field.

There are four categories for entries with the best three photos in each going into the final:

• Best Crucian Picture
• Best Short Crucian Video
• Best Scenic Picture of a Crucian Water
• Best Picture of a Junior with a Crucian

The judging panel includes crucian enthusiast and former record carp holder Chris Yates, Hugh Miles from Passion for Angling, the author and crucian expert Peter Rolfe, angling artist Chris Turnbull and big fish specialist Gary Newman. They will select three finalists in each category and all 12 finalists will receive the Bait-Tech bait package and a signed certificate. All appropriate entries will be displayed on the competition website.

How to enter:
Entries are free of charge and will be online via the competition website. Simply register for the competition then go catch your crucian and get snapping! You will even find some top tips for taking a great fishing photo which award winning film maker Hugh Miles has kindly produced for the event.