Terry Hearn. Not only one of the greatest carp anglers of all time, but also one of the most innovative anglers in terms of developing products that give you the edge!

In a ground-breaking move we are delighted to announce that Terry Hearn has joined
ACE and will be working alongside ACE Product Development Director, Max Cottis,
to take the ACE brand into the future with a whole host of new, innovative products
to help anglers from around the world catch more carp!

Both Terry and Max have an eye for detail like no other and work tirelessly to produce
products that they are happy to put their names to. And both anglers refuse to settle
for second best, stating that they will only launch products that they are happy to use
for their own .shing. An ACE product will only ever go to market if it can’t be bettered!

“ACE has already built up a reputation for its range of top quality, innovative products,
but after meeting with Max I realised that the ACE story hadn’t really star ted yet, with
some serious plans for the future promising to make ACE the brand of choice for carp
anglers worldwide.

“I never settle for second best with my carp .shing, and I know that when it comes
to product development, Max feels exactly the same. If a product can be improved
upon then we’ll do it – simple! Max’s plans for ACE are extremely exciting with a massive programme of New Product Launches planned for the coming months. From my .rst meeting with Max I knew that I had to be involved,” concluded Terry.

The development of new ACE products has already started with a New ACE Brochure
being launched in January 2012 showcasing the .rst wave of many new products planned to be launched over the coming years.

the future is now!